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Monday, December 27, 2010

Some Pictures from The Finals of the Pipeline Master's


I hope everyone had a great Christmas and/or Holiday season! It is a rainy, grey morning here filled with thunder and lightning (which we rarely get). I am working on some new BIG paintings and thought I would take a little break to share some photo's that Chris took from the final day at the 2010 Billabong Pipeline Masters. It was such a great day down there for the final day, the surf could have been a bit more consistent, but the weather was great and the beach was packed! It was truly a great professional event.
Enjoy the pictures!

Jeremy Flores in the Finals
Dane Reynolds Free Surfing after his heat
Kelly Slater setting up for a nice one on a new board, just after he broke his on his first wave!
Fellow Rip Curl Ambassador Taylor Knox

Dane Reynolds Sequence. One of my favorite surfers to watch.

Another Dane Reynolds Sequence. Still trying to figure out how he flies so high!
Jeremy Flores, The 2010 Billabong Pipeline Master's Winner getting carried up the beach!

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  1. A few weeks ago we went to Oahu to enjoy our honeymoon. We stayed on the north shore, but we´ve also visited Honolulu, there we bought two of your draws, and we want to tell you that we love your designs. We are from Gij√≥n, Spain and at our living roon we have 2 of your paints to make us be homesick for your beautifoul island.