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Friday, August 26, 2011

Heather Brown Rip Curl shirt worn on Fuel TV's Daily Habit!


Wow, what a great surprise! I was just sent this video of Allison Becker of Fuel TV's show The Daily Habit wearing one of my Rip Curl by Heather Brown Tee's!

As always a BIG MAHALO to the great team at Rip Curl!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Heather Brown and Malibu's Surf Shop!


Sorry for the long delay in posting, we were just on the East Coast for some gallery and store visits as well as a signing event at Malibu's Surf Shop in Ocean City Md. I have never spent much time on the East Coast except for a small time in inland North Carolina, so it was really cool to see different coastal towns and take part in local cuisines and area past times.

We spent time on the Gulf coast of Florida and had the most amazing food all week courtesy of Chris' Mom. We spend days on the beach at the Gulf and strolling through small towns looking into galleries and museums.

We went to the Annapolis/DC area and ate MD Blue crabs! This was my first experience and I am hooked! We went to this great hidden place on the water, Jimmy Cantler's Inn and had so much fun picking crabs. We spent a day on the Chesapeake Bay boating and got to see Annapolis by water and then ate at Hemmingway's right on the bay, it was such a cool experience taking a boat to dinner!

We ended our trip in Ocean City MD with a signing event at Malibu's Surf Shop right on the beach at 8th street. We had so much fun there, people watching, strolling the boardwalk and eating more local favorite foods!

Now we are back in Hawai'i and were lucky enough to catch a rare little North Shore surf this morning to welcome us back. I love to travel but I really love coming home!

MD Blue Crabs, Old Bay and Drawn Butter!!

Heather Brown at Malibu's Surf Shop in Ocean City MD

Heather Brown at the Thomas Point Lighthouse in the Chesapeake Bay

Heather Brown and Chris at Cantler's Inn eating CRABS!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Proper Introduction


I never properly introduced our new buddy and addition to our family, he is a Tasmanian Labradoodle and his name is Hobie. He is just about 5 months old now and he is fitting in with the family great and having a really fun time in the yard and on the beach. We got him on the first day of the Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction so his first encounter in Hawai'i was around a lot of people and a lot of beautiful vintage surfboards. We actually bid and won a 1965 Hobie No.5 Hawai'i gun shaped by Dick Brewer with all proceeds going to The Surfing Heritage Foundation and figured that Hobie would be a great name for him.
The other two dogs have been great with him, but our youngest, Brian, seems to be playing the role of "mom" to Hobie and doing a great job!

Hobie and Brian at home in the yard. 

Hobie's first mugshot
Heather Brown's 1965 Hobie/Brewer No.5 Model. All proceeds of this sale went to Surfing Heritage Foundation

Marley sighting down the bottom contour of this 1965 Hobie/Brewer No.5 Hawai'i Gun 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Living Green With Aloha with Hawai'i Surf Artist Heather Brown

Aloha Everyone!

Wow! I still can't believe it is already August! July was like a blink of an eye for me.

So far August has been great, catching up on some commissioned pieces, enjoying some beach time and I was surprised by 3 new family member that my husband Chris brought home to our house the other day!
TanTan-men, Mochi and Poke! They have taken to their new home very well and our two older hens have been really nice sharing their home.
Heather Brown's Chicks!
Brian has been really interested in them, he even saved tantan-men the other day when she escaped through a small hole in the coop, he rounded her up and barked for us to come help.
Brian being a good friend to the new chicks
It is so nice having the chickens around, natural chemical free pest control, daily organic eggs and great organic fertilizer for our fruit trees!

We have had so much fun welcoming the new chickies into our home but we also had to take care of some work on the land. We did some research and found out we could use 100% recycled tire chips as mulch around our plants. This mulch allows all of the water to get to the plant roots and since it is rubber it will not grow fungus, mold, etc and will last for years and years! Sure better than tire fires and land fills!

Heather Brown Gardening with 100% recycled Tire Mulch! Green With Aloha

Monday, August 1, 2011

Closing Night of the 2011 Honolulu Surf Film Festival


Last night we made it down to town for the closing ceremonies of the 2011 Honolulu Surf Film Festival at the Doris Duke Theatre in the Honolulu Academy of Arts. I was honored to be asked a few months ago to create the poster art for the festival. Here it is
2011 Honolulu Surf Film Festival Poster by Surf Artist Heather Brown from the North Shore of Oahu

We were so lucky to see the screening of Bud Browne's "Surfing in the 50's" with a great introduction and Q and A by Buzzy Trent's daughter. The movie was excellent and really showed the type of athleticism and dedication it took to ride the giant surf in Hawai'i and around the world back in a time of no wetsuits, 80 pound boards and boat trips to Hawai'i from California!

I was also honored to have met Ricky Grigg and see Gerry Lopez again!

Chris, Heather Brown and Gerry Lopez at the 2011 Honolulu Surf Film Festival

Ricky Grigg, Chris and Surf Artist Heather Brown at the 2011 Honolulu Surf Film Festival

What a great time, looking forward to next years event!