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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Surf Artist Heather Brown Releases new Tees and Hats with Hawaii Aloha Company and Hawaii Skateboard Company


Well we got really lucky here in Hawaii and tropical storm Flossie didn't really cause much damage more than a normal storm system that we see regularly!! We spent most of the day battoning down the hatches at our home and studio on Monday in preparations, then we sat and decided to make new tees and hats!

These are all currently available on my website, clicking on any of the images below will take you directly to my website and options.

hawaii tee aloha mahalo h brown
Hawaii Aloha Company Logo Tee by Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown

environmentally friendly tee
Heather Brown's Green with Aloha Tree Tee available in unisex sizes

classic iconic surf art trucker hat
Haleiwa Artist Heather Brown's "Noseride Wahine" Trucker hat

You can check out my tees with Hawaii Skateboard Company, my board designs and more at
north shore skateboarding
Heather Brown X Hawaii Skateboard Company collaboration Trucker Hat

skateboard art from hawaii
Heather Brown's Skateboard Art "Striped Socks" hat

Monday, July 29, 2013

Surf Artist Heather Brown at the 2013 Haleiwa Arts Festival


I hope that everyone is ready for a great week ahead! A bit odd here right now as we are expecting Tropical Storm Flossie within hours. It is so still this morning, almost eerie!

Last weekend was the 2013 Haleiwa Arts Festival and it was a great time! We were blessed with 2 sunny days and lots of people locals and tourists alike that came out to show their support for the arts. I always really enjoy this event each year and am always so happy when I receive my acceptance letter each Spring and this year was no different!

I had decided that I wanted to have a larger booth this year so I could show some more art and The Captain decided he would make the booth for the event, so we had out plan!

As I was busy painting, screenprinting and cutting linocuts Chris was busy designing and building our beautiful booth that he made from 100% reclaimed building materials (down to the screws!)

Heather Brown Surf Art Booth at the 2013 Haleiwa Arts Festival, North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

Heather Brown art booth made from 100% reclaimed building materials at the 2013 Haleiwa Arts Festival.               North Shore Oahu, Hawaii
Unfortunately I did not have any time to take pictures of art or really anything else, so the pictures I have were all sent to me. Mahalo for all your contributions!

We had a fun filled two days at Haleiwa Beach Park and I was so thankful to have our production team that works with me at my studio on the North Shore of Oahu there to help us out and provide great service to everyone who came by! I had such a great time meeting new people and seeing returning fans and friends, this event is always like a "homecoming" for me and I really love it!

A huge Mahalo to the volunteers that make Haleiwa Arts Festival Happen!
you can visit their website here: and if you can, send them a donation large or small to help this great event happen each year.

They also did a great job of trying to make the event as close to a Zero Waste event as possible and brought in our great friends at the Kokua Foundation to sell re-usable water bottles rather then sell plastic bottles of water and they were also dispensing free water to anyone who wanted some!

Plastic Free Hawaii art by Heather Brown and the Kokua Foundation
Big Mahalo to everyone who came out this year and I will keep my fingers crossed to be accepted next summer and hope to see you again!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Heather Brown Linocuts Now Available! Skateboard Study #1


I hope everyone is having a great week so far, I am super busy preparing for this coming weekends Haleiwa Arts Festival on Saturday and SUnday July 20,21, 2013. I f you are on Island, I would love to see you there, I will be there all day on both days with a big booth near the food concessions and will be unveilling 4 new matted prints on sugar cane paper as well as many new originals!

As you may have seen, last weekend I helped in support of The Captains Skateboard Company, Hawaii Skateboard Company , at the Greenroom Gallery show in Waikiki. I pressed a very special limited edition linocut for the show and for my website. I named it "Skateboard Study #1"

I have always had a huge love and admiration of skateboarding and can get lost in a day of rolling around endlessly. I also have always loved the actual parts that make up skateboarding, the shapes, textures, sizes an aging process of the parts due to use. This is my first "study" of skateboarding parts and reveals the tail of the skateboard, the trucks and wheels. The print is limited to 4 color ways and only 10 prints in each color. You can also choose to have each print framed in one of our reclaimed wood frames that we make up here on the North Shore of Oahu!

Heather Brown Limited Edition Linocut "Skateboard Study #1 Blue"

Heather Brown Limited Edition Linocut "Skateboard Study #1 Brown"

Heather Brown Limited Edition Linocut "Skateboard Study #1 Turquoise"

Heather Brown Limited Edition Linocut "Skateboard Study #1 Green"

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Heather Brown Original Art!


I just added a few originals to my website finally! Sorry I have neglected adding originals to my website for so long because of my show schedule, but I put a few up there that I really love and hope you do too!

For my past few shows, Chris has been making me reclaimed wood "canvasses" to paint on. They are not panels as they are all small cutoffs from wood that we use for larger frames. SInce we have amassed such a large amount of scrap, Chris started putting them together for other projects and one day I started to paint on one and absolutely fell in love with the feel of them with my art, so my last few shows I painted a bunch and people seem to really dig them as well. Chris also made some really simple reclaimed wood box framing for them as well. This wood is also scrap wood from larger projects. All of the wood was reclaimed for the larger projects then re-used again (I swear we have the least trash of any business out there!)

For the art, so many different palettes work with this medium and I can really tailor each original to fit smoothly with the washed colors on the panels, so it is a really fun way to paint for me, a bit looser than the normal canvas. I still paint on canvas 80%+ of the time, but as an artist, I believe you need to peak your nose into other mediums, feels, tones, etc and explore the big big world of art.

Clicking on any of the images will take you directly to my website where you can see purchasing options when still available.

surf art waikiki hawaii haleiwa north shore
Hawaii Artist Heather Brown Original Art with Reclaimed Wood Two Tone Frame

hawaii art h brown north shore artist
Surf Artist Heather Brown New Original Art on Reclaimed wood with white wash reclaimed wood frame

heather brown art
Haleiwa Artist Heather Brown New Original Art on Reclaimed wood with black washed reclaimed wood frame

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Heather Brown X Hawaii Skateboard Company Release Party at Greenroom Hawaii Gallery in Waikiki


I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer! We have had such a beautiful July here on the North Shore so far, summer is in full swing!

This past Saturday, I took part in The Hawaii Skateboard Company release party at the Greenroom Gallery in Waikiki.
The Hawaii Skateboard Company is a business that my husband Chris (The Captain) has been working on, designing, shaping and finishing beautiful cruiser skateboards as well as pressing and shaping modern 7 ply street,bowl, ramp boards. Chris has been making hand shaped solid oak cruiser skateboards for over 20 years now and has gained a loyal following of riders around the world. In the past year, he had decided to re-brand the company and Saturday was the first release of the new boards in the USA, he had released them in Japan at the Greenroom Festival in Yokohama in May and they all sold out within hours!

I am so luck to be able to work closely with him on so many projects and this one is one of my favorites for my love of skateboarding is so strong. I did a logo design

Heather Brown X Hawaii Skateboard Company Collaboration Logo

As well as putting some of my art (reproduced by laser) on a couple boards.

Heather Brown X Hawaii Skateboard Company Collaboration Skateboards

Here are a couple of photos of some of the boards at the exhibit. Not only do these boards look beautiful, but they are the smoothest ride out there and have been road tested for over 20 years! Chris grips the tops of the boards with sand from the beach at the famous Pipeline using a special mixture of environmentally safe water based urethanes too!

Hawaii Skateboard Company Full Racks of Completes ready for Greenroom Show

Hawaii Skateboard Company "The Original Checkerboard" complete with hand made checker box and checkers

Hawaii Skateboard Company Triple Reclaimed Redwood Stringer Longboard

Hawaii Skateboard Company Captain America's
Heather Brown, The Captain, and the crew of Hawaii Skateboard Company with The GreenRoom Hawaii Gallery Staff after a great show!
Mahalo to Hawaii Skateboard Company and The Greenroom Hawaii Gallery in Waikiki for a great night!

Follow Hawaii Skateboard company online:
Instagram: HawaiiSkateboardCompany