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Friday, June 27, 2014

Heather Brown Art Square Matted Prints Now Available!

Happy ALOHA Friday Everyone!

I hope that everyone is having a great day so far or just waking up to a day that will be great!!

I am happy to announce that we have just released 4 new matted prints to my current line of available images! Even better, for the first time we have produced square prints from some of my most beloved images!

The new Heather Brown Art square prints that are being released today are:

"Kamane Sunset" was painted when we were living on the beach at Off the Wall, a popular surf spot along Oahu's famed North Shore. We had a tiny little house, but a lanai that gave us this view every evening after a post work surf. I always love to look at Kamane Tree's and bask in their shade on a beautiful Hawaiian beach.

hawaii art
Heather Brown's "Kamane Sunset" Matted Print on 100% recycled sugar cane paper
"Peaceful Bird" is a piece that I loved painting and exploring softer pastels with. I always look up at the birds sitting in the trees around the Islands and think if they know how lucky they have it! This little girl sits peacefully in her branch letting the world go by.

hawaii artist
Heather Brown Art "Peaceful Bird" matted print on 100% recycled sugar cane paper

"Tropical Hawaii" is the view that is in my brain almost every time I sit down at my easel each morning! This is the idea that was in my mind 15 years ago when I moved to the Islands and the vision I see when I drive around the more rural areas of the Hawaiian Islands.

wave art
Surf Art by Heather Brown "Tropical Hawaii" matted print
 "Pink Ginger" is one of my older pieces but has been so loved for so long by so many people and myself. The flowers of Hawai'i are so beautiful standing alone, but when you see them grouped with other flowers and the clear blue Pacific Ocean, it is like a natural frame for natural beauty.
Hawaii Artist Heather Brown's "Pink Ginger" matted print

Each image is also available framed in our reclaimed wooden frames built on the North Shore of Oahu!
hawaii artist
Heather Brown "Pink Ginger" framed matted print

Heather Brown Art Reclaimed Wooden Frames available for matted prints and limited edition giclees on canvas

wave art
Surf Art by Heather Brown "Tropical Hawaii" framed matted print

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Heather Brown Surf Art Birds

I have been busy painting for my July Oahu shows and the Haleiwa Arts Festival. This fun Surfy Birdie got my day started! Look out for her whole surfing family!!

Please check out my website for my upcoming show schedule!

surf chicks
Surf Art Bird by Hawaii Artist Heather Brown

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Heather Brown Surf Art Beach Clutches Featuring Shades of Hawai'i Original Art


My new favorite accessory is definitely the new beach clutches that we made using a few of my pieces from the Shades of Hawaii series.
The new clutches are all made of soft canvas, feature a heavy duty zipper and measure 10.5"x13"

surf art clutch
Surf Artist Heather Brown Releases New Shades of Hawaii Beach Clutches
bird art
Hawaii Artist Heather Brown releases new Shades of Hawaii beach clutches

Surf Art Beach Clutch by Hawaii Artist Heather Brown
And all the bags have this sweet little detail on the inside!

Heather Brown Art Beach Clutch

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New High Tide Surf Art X Heather Brown Art Tee

One of the new tee's we created for summer 2014
Based off of my Wahine He'e Nalu painting
Water based printing and made in the USA!

surf art
Heather Brown Surf Art X High Tide Tee for summer 2014