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Monday, February 21, 2011


Aloha All!

As many of you might know or not know, I am currently in the Maldives until March 10 so there will not be much new action on here, unless there are a lot of flat days!
I am getting married tomorrow and the surf has been loads of fun.
Here are some pics to get you started.
Pasta Point, Maldives, The Best wave I have ever surfed!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting Ready for The Maldives!

Well the time is almost here, in 24 short hours we will be boarding our first of 4 flights to get to The Maldives. Only 23 flying hours to get there and we will be soaking in the sun, surf and ultimate relaxation!

The Island we will be staying on, over the water bungalows! 
Pasta Point, one of the breaks we will be able to surf!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Two Shows by Heather Brown in one Day! 2/12/11


Big mahalo's to everyone that made it out to one or both of my shows yesterday here on Oahu! For those of you who could not make it out, here are some pictures from the two events. I know I had so much fun at both and had the chance to meet so many new collectors as well as many return collectors. A great time was had for sure!
Banner for Surf Art by Heather Brown at The Wyland Gallery in Haleiwa
Heather Brown Solo Show at Wyland Gallery Haleiwa 2/12/11

Surf Artist Heather Brown dedicating art for new collectors

New 24"x30" original by Surf Artist Heather Brown (SOLD)
Surf Art by Heather Brown on display, Wyland Gallery Haleiwa

Heather Brown Original Acrylic on Bamboo Skateboard
Rip Curl Artist of the Search, Heather Brown at The Wyland Gallery in Waikiki 2/12/11

A sampling of the new originals that were at the Wyland Waikiki Heather Brown Art Show 2/11/12 

Extremely Sought After Heather Brown Original Acrylic on Bamboo Skate Deck

Midnite Birds original by Surf Artist Heather Brown

Original framed with reclaimed window from old North Shore home by Surf Artist Heather Brown

Heather Brown Solo Show at Wyland gallery Waikiki 2/12/11

Heather Brown Surf Art Show Wyland Gallery Waikiki 2/12/11

Monday, February 7, 2011

Heather Brown Offers HUGE deal on re-usable tote bags to ALL!!!!


I started a company called Green With Aloha last year, and we are focused on making great eco-friendly products for people to use instead of single use items, such as re-usable tote bags and re-usable drink bottles. I really hope that more people and local businesses will be encouraged to stop using single use plastic bags and water bottles as an easy start and find other ways to keep our Islands GREEN and our oceans BLUE!

We recently printed these bags on 100% recycled cotton made right here in the USA! We really love them and have done some promotions with Kaua'i and Maui residents to help with their recent plastic bag ban (hooray for Maui and Kaua'i!) 

With the recent bans on one time use plastic bags, I would like to offer you a chance to purchase these extremely durable (these are bags that will last years, unlike so many of the ones seen at stores), recycled canvas, re-usable tote bags at a very special price. The bags usually sell for $30 retail, but for a limited time and quantity, I will be selling them for only $10.00 for 2 bags! That's only $5 each (plus s&h) These bags have minor imperfections on the screened artwork because of the texture of the recycled canvas (some areas kind of have a worn in look, nothing bad, just worn in) The bags offered on my website and at retailers worldwide are sold for $30 each and are all A++ prints, but if you do not mind the minor worn look (mostly around the bottom plants and waves) this is the deal for you while supplies last, email soon as supplies of these promo bags are starting to run thin.
There is a limited quantity at this price, so it will be at a first come, first serve basis. 

Instructions for getting your special deal on the re-usable tote bags:
1. Send an email to
2. Include in email your address that the bag must be shipped to (limit 2 bags per address)
3. Heather Brown Art will send you a Paypal invoice for $20 (2 bags for $10 plus $10 for priority mail shipping)
4. Pay the Paypal invoice
5. In a few days you will be sporting your brand new "Green With Aloha" tote bag by Heather Brown

Here is a picture of the bag, the dimensions of the bag are: 18" wide x 15" high x 5" gusset



Surf Artist Heather Brown's "Green With Aloha" re-usable, recycled canvas toe bag

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Framed Original Commission


I had a collector commission a diptych original a bit ago and after he received it he saw the frames that we design and make here at my studio on the North Shore of Oahu out of all reclaimed/recycled materials from old Hawaiian homes. He asked if we could make him a custom frame for it, so we did.... Out of 100% reclaimed materials, wood, paint, most of the fasteners. it came out pretty cool! It is massive, the two originals are both 24"x36" a piece, so the full frame is about 36"x95"!
Here is a picture. Green With Aloha!

Framed Original Dyptych by Surf Artist Heather Brown