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Monday, May 20, 2019

Modern Surf Art by Heather Brown Island Sweethearts

Aloha and Good Monday Morning!

I hope everyone had a good weekend, whether working or playing! It was nice to be able to take a few hours each day this weekend to go down to the beach with my husband Chris and get some fun little waves here on the South Shore of Oahu!
Here is my print of Island Sweethearts printed on sustainable bamboo with a beautiful natural bamboo border to frame the image in.
Hawaii surf art heather brown
Island Sweethearts tropical surf art by Heather Brown printed on sustainable bamboo

Bamboo wood print featuring two loving couples, a surfer guy and gal out for a romantic day of sun and sea, and a pair of adorable birds also enjoying the beautiful scenery of Hawaii by tropical artist Heather Brown. These sustainable bamboo panels are made with 100% solar power using the world’s most eco-conscious and organic materials. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing, renewable resources in the world. With it’s properties comparable to hardwood, bamboo is the ideal alternative to increasingly scarce tropical hardwoods. Because the bamboo plant does not die after harvesting (as with trees) there is no deforestation which makes it the most sustainable choice!

Each panel has unique natural bamboo wood grain, which gives the printed artwork wonderful character. In fact, no two prints are ever the same! They go through several rounds of hand-sanding to provide a glass-like finish and are finally printed with a matte finish using eco-friendly printing processes.

These bamboo wood prints can be ordered in two dynamic ways. Either fully printed to the edges of the panel or a border option that shows some of the natural bamboo around the print, giving it a framed effect and highlighting the beautiful organic bamboo grain.

  • 8” x 8" or 12” x 12” sustainable bamboo wood panel (3/4" thick)

  • Artwork may vary slightly from pictured: Panels may include knots, splits, and other natural wood characteristics

  • Signature on front of print

  • Includes a keyhole hanging carved into back for easy display!

Tropical Hawaii surf artist Heather Brown has gained a worldwide reputation for her unique style and depictions of idealistic Hawaiian landscapes including sandy beaches, epic waves, figurative surfers, and exotic tropical flowers. Surfing Art by Heather Brown ©

Friday, May 17, 2019

Aloha Friday Original Art by Heather Brown

Happy ALOHA Friday!!
Here is a small portion of a big new series of art I have been painting and will be showing at the 2019 GREENROOM FESTIVAL next week in Yokohama Japan! Can't wait to share the full series with everyone!
Have a great day and weekend ahead, Mahalo and Aloha Always!

Clicking the original Heather Brown Art Image below will take you to my website listing of all shows, past, present and scheduled!

tropical surf art by heather brown Aloha Friday
Aloha Friday Modern Surf Art by Heather Brown 
Hopefully you can come to a show near you to see up close the selection of fine modern surf art, beach chic art, tropical art, happy art and just have a great time sharing some ALOHA!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

New Limited Release Print of Paradise Sessions by Heather Brown Surf Art May 2019

Paradise Session is a new limited release only available this month, May 2019. Paradise Session is available as a giclee on canvas as well as a matted print on sustainable sugar cane paper.
Check it out at any of the galleries that support my art or click on the image below to be taken to my website. Mahalo and ALOHA!

beach and wave art by heather brown
Modern Surf Art by Heather Brown Paradise Sessions Limited Release Print for May 2019
Modern Surf Art by Hawai'i Artist Heather Brown

Friday, May 10, 2019

Heather Brown announces two shows for Japan Modern Surf Art Tour Spring 2019

So happy to announce two fun shows that I have in Japan in a couple of weeks!
I will be at The WTW Aoyama Store on May 28 WTW SURFCLUB(ダブルティーサーフクラブ)
And I will be at Bayflow BAYFLOW on May 29!
I hope to see you all there!

5/28に青山店でHeather Brown来日サイン会の開催が決定しました!
5/28(火)18:00~20:00 WTW AOYAMA
※当日のSHOP OPENよりアートご購入のお客様先着100名様に整理券をお渡しさせていただきます。

②ヘザーブラウンさんと一緒に写真撮影 ※カメラはご持参下さ

tropical modern beach and surf art Heather brown
Hawai'i Artist Heather Brown's Spring 2019 Japan Modern Surf Art Tour 

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Heather Brown Surf Art Official Authorized Galleries and Retail Stores 2019

Did you know that you can find out all of the AUTHORIZED places to see and purchase my art on my website right here:
It has come to my attention that there may be my art in some other stores here in Waikiki and in Osaka that are not authorized dealers of my art and that art has not been paid for. I strongly urge you to only support businesses that are listed on my website in the USA and in Japan, Also In Japan, you can contact the Greenroom Galleries to purchase wholesale as they are our official distributor for Japan. Mahalo and Aloha!!

For the artists out there, be careful who you do business with and make sure you are getting paid before its too late!

私のアートの正規販売店ではない、ワイキキや大阪のいくつかの他の店で私のアートがあるかもしれないこと、そしてアートの代金が払われていないことが私の注意を喚起しました。 私のウェブサイトに掲載されているビジネスは、米国と日本でのみサポートすることを強くお勧めします。また、日本では、グリーンルームギャラリーに連絡して卸売を購入することもできます。 マハロとアロハ!

modern surf art by heather brown
Heather Brown Surf Art Authorized Retail Dealers

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Surf Art for Mother's Day from Heather Brown


In honor of Mother's Day, we are celebrating all the mom's and mother figures around the world.
For a limited time this May 2019, when you make a purchase of $75 or more at , you will automatically qualify for a FREE matted print of my newest limited release print, Paradise Session. This print is ONLY available for May 2019 and you can get one FREE with your purchase PLUS we have FREE Domestic shipping and 1/2 price International shipping (just select option at checkout, no code needed)

tropical art heather brown
Surf art by Heather Brown depicting surf girl about to paddle out 

Check out lots of great beach art, tropical art, flower art, happy art and of course surf art at

Friday, May 3, 2019

Aloha Friday Surf Art Show with Heather Brown at Wyland Gallery Waikiki

Happy ALOHA Friday!
Hope to see you this evening at The Wyland Gallery in Waikiki! Show goes from 6-8 PM, Always free to attend, Always family friendly, Always FUN!

tropical art by heather brown
Heather Brown Surf Art Tonight at The Wyland Gallery in Waikiki 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Heather Brown Bird Art Original for May 3 Wyland Waikiki Surf Art Show

Will you be at The Wyland Gallery in Waikiki for my show tomorrow, May 3 from 6-8 pm? I know this cute little Owl will be! Looking forward to seeing you all there!

owl art heather brown
Heather Brown Original Bird Art of Pueo (owl) for May 3 Wyland Gallery Waikiki Art Show

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Heather Brown Surf Art Show At Wyland Gallery Waikiki May 3 2019!!

Happy Lei Day!!!!
Hope you can come and see this cute little guy and me this Friday May 3 from 6-8 pm at The Wyland Gallery in Waikiki! Wyland Gallery Waikiki Hawaii 
New Originals, New limited edition prints and much much more! Always such a fun time seeing everyone, hope you can make it! Mahalo and Aloha!

French Bulldog Surfing by Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown

French Bulldogs Love Surfing Too!!!