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Friday, September 26, 2014

Heather Brown's Surfing Bird Ohana

Happy ALOHA Friday Everyone!!

I hope you all had a great week and have even better weekend plans ahead!

We have been super busy getting ready to be on the road for almost a month in Japan and Australia! Lots of work going on and some great and fun new art to show everyone really soon!!

I receive a lot of questions regarding the subject of BIRDS that I love to paint so much. It really confuses some people and most others just love to see the funny whimsical birds doing everyday human things like SURFING!!

I have always enjoyed watching birds, when I was younger I could sit at the window of my house and just watch them for hours, making up personalities for them, little conversations they would have and being fully intrigued by their actions and motivations. Well, this habit hash;t stopped (just ask my husband Chris!) I still get excited every time I see these little guys and girls and I love painting them just as much.

I recently painted a series or a Bird Ohana (Family) based on all of our good friends starting their beautiful little families. This was by far one of my favorite series yet to paint as the smile on my face never left through all the hours of painting them and I still love to look at them.

While most of the originals got scooped up right away, there is still this cute little girl original who would love to come to a new home!

surfing bird
Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown shares her whimsical surfing birds

While the other originals have sold out, sort a limited release, we now have available some of them on our new wood panel prints! Due to the limited release of these prints, if you are interested, you may want to pick one up now!

hawaii surf art
Heather Brown Surf Art Birds 

surf art
Surfing Bird Ohana Dad by Heather Brown

heather brown
Surfing Bird Wood Panel Prints by Hawaii Artist Heather Brown

surfing art
Surfer Girl Birdie by Heather Brown

Friday, September 19, 2014

Hawaii Artist Heather Brown Prepares for Fall 2014 Tour in Japan and Australia

Happy ALOHA Friday Everyone!

With my upcoming tour just around the corner, each day is a full studio day in preparations for a bunch of shows and fun both in Japan and Australia this October!

Lately I have been busy painting some new soon to be published pieces (including a remake of one of my favorite paintings ever from about 8 years ago!) some originals on skateboards, the art for the upcoming release "Into the Wild with Bird Party" and I just started a new hand pulled silkscreen edition!

Please find attached dates and locations for my upcoming Japan Fall Tour 2014

surf art by heather brown
Heather Brown will be spreading her Hawaii inspired surf art through Japan this October 2014
Some boxes of art ready to get picked up and get on their way to Japan!

The Captain Surfs (Chris) will also be showing art in Japan with WTW in Aoyama and Kobe as well as doing a couple of very special musical performances introducing the new music of Bird Party the Band! I will keep you updated on dates and times of his events as well in the upcoming weeks, but I have been listening in on his studio and I think anyone who comes to see him play live will be in for a real treat! The new art is BEAUTIFUL too! If you have not checked him and his art out yet, here are a few links:

The Captain Surfs Official Website

The Captain Surfs on Facebook

The Captain Surfs music with Bird Party on Soundcloud

After Japan both The Captain and I will be heading back to Australia where we will both be participating artists at the annual Byron Bay Surf Festival in Byron Bay Australia.

Looking forward to getting back on the road and seeing everyone!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Heather Brown Art News!!! New Releases!! Happy ALOHA Friday!

Happy ALOHA Friday!!

The weeks always start going by faster and faster when my tours get closer for some reason!! Ha ha!
Been super busy painting all of the accompanying material for the new Bird Party record release coming out beginning of December, so that has been really fun and exciting to work on recently! You can check out the 4 pre-release singles for free HERE We will start taking pre-orders shortly for the limited edition 7" vinyl records and special edition record boxes and we are planning a very special record release party in mid December on Oahu, stay tuned for details!

This week I am so happy to announce that I am releasing a very special limited edition giclee on canvas as well as matted print of one of my favorite pieces that I had the honor of painting.

You can now purchase a limited edition of "Mt. Fuji" a piece that I was commissioned to paint back in 2011 for the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief. So many people have asked for it since because of the image and to some the deep meaning behind the piece. "Na Na Na Moe"

mt fuji heather brown
Hawaii Artist Heather Brown captures Spring at Mt. Fuji Japan
"Mt Fuji" is available now as a limited edition giclee on canvas in 2 sizes as well as an Artist Proof edition and all are also now available with our custom frames built on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii!

You can also find "Mt Fuji" and "Surf Sisters" now available as matted prints that are also available with our reclaimed wood frames made right here in Hawai'i!

heather brown hawaii art
"Surf Sisters" Framed Matted Print by Heather Brown

surf artist hawaii
"Mt Fuji" Framed Matted Print by Hawai'i Artist Heather Brown

I hope everyone has a great weekend! ALOHA NUI LOA and Mahalo for all of your continued support of my art!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Surf Art on Wood by Heather Brown

Happy Weekend Everyone!

I hope that you have fun plans and are out in the world sharing your ALOHA! We are quite busy right now so we are back on the 7 day a week creation zone over here getting ready to be on the road for the month of October in Japan and Australia.
So many fun things have been going on and I wish I could tell you everything in 1 blog post, but I think you would be really really bored by the end of it! ha ha

Well The first new this week is that we just put some new wood block prints up on my website. I love these pieces so much because it is so fun to look back into my archives of originals that I have painted over the years and breathe some fresh air into them for a little while.

We reprinted a few of my favorites and printed 3 new pieces too!

"Kaua'i Surf"

heather brown art
"Kaua'i Surf" by Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown
"Kaua'i Surf" was inspired by this picture of The Captain Surfs surfing in Hanalei one spring day. I even found the old photo! You can;t see the waterfall in the photo, but they were all busting that day!!

hawaii surf artist
The Captain Surfs in Hanalei
 When we were living on Kaua'i we were lucky enough to share a great property with some great friends right on the river. We would canoe up to the river mouth a few times a day for a surf or body surf, a jog or just a nice walk and swim. We were lucky to experience this idilic lifestyle for a while and I painted the original for this piece right on the lanai one day. The original is one of the few that hangs in our private collection to always remind The Captain where his heart lies. We originally printed one of these for pour good friends that lived there with us, but we both loved it so much we printed another few for a limited release.

hawaii art
Surf Art Print on Wood by Hawaii Artist Heather Brown
 The third new piece is called "Waiting" As funny as it sounds to most surfers, I love the time spent in the water just sitting on my board and waiting for waves (I love it so much that so many times perfect waves roll right underneath me!) This is such a great introspective time for me and it fills my head with imagery that I later usually end up putting to canvas.

surfing art
Surf Art by Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown Printed On Wood

We have also gotten the site ready for your holiday shopping (Yes, I know this is early, but usually I get massive amounts of complaints of how late I am!)

You can check out my new Holiday Greeting Cards for 2014
This Christmas Tree original is even available as an original, a matted print or greeting card!

surf art christmas
Heather Brown Art Christmas Card 2014

The original "Christmas Surf" has sold, but the image is available as Christmas Cards, and matted prints!

heather brown art
Christmas Surf Art by Heather Brown
This year we are also really excited to announce that we are now offering Heather Brown Art gift cards from my website!! You can get them in multiple denominations and share the gift of ALOHA this year!

You can check the out here:
hawaii surf art
Heather Brown Art Gift Card

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Art of Heather Brown Second Printing

Happy ALOHA Friday!

Happy ALOHA Friday! Wow this week flew by!!
As many of you may know I just printed the second printing of my book "The Art of Heather Brown" I was so fortunate to receive some great quotes from friends, fellow artists, musicians, and heroes for the book. Here is one of my favorites from Jack. 

heather brown hawaii
Jack Johnson in The Art of Heather Brown Book
You can check out the books on my website or through the galleries that support my art around the world!

surf art hawaii heather brown
The Art of Heather Brown Limited Edition Diamond Head Coffee Table Book

heather brown hawaii book
The Art of Heather Brown North Shore Wave Limited Edition Coffee Table Book