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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Hawai"i Artist Heather Brown creates main visual for 2017 Odaiba Hawai'i Festival

Aloha Everyone!

Stoked to announce that one of my projects in the studio the winter has finally become public! I created a new piece called Hula Girl for the 2017 Odaiba Hawai'i Festival held just outside Tokyo each year. This is the largest Hawaiian festival in Japan each year showcasing the beauty of Hula, Hawaiian music, art, and of course, great food!
This was my first ever attempt at painting a hula girl. For years i have been concentrating my creative efforts on the beauty of Hawaii art, tropical art, surf art but have always shied away from trying to depict a hula girl I was hesitant because of my fear of doing it wrong. To me, the art of hula, has always had me in absolute awe. From the beauty of the preparation that these beautiful artists go through, the years and years of training, not only on the actual movements but of the history and reasoning, to the storytelling through their movements on stage! This to me was what Hawai'i was when I was a little girl and to me, it still speaks HAWAI'I so loudly to me. I am happy that I finally made the attempt, and I am happy with the piece, I hope you enjoy it as well.

Here is the main visual for the 2017 Odaiba Hawai'i festival.

heather brown gallery japan
Odaiba Hawai'i Festival Art by Heather Brown 
Hula Girl is now also available as a limited edition giclee on canvas, an open edition matted print on paper as well as a fun UV print on wood panel.
Here is my Hula Girl piece as it is available:
heather brown hawaiian art popular
Hawai'i tropical surf artist Heather Brown releases Hula Girl

Hawaii tropical artist Heather Brown releases Love and Sakura

Aloha Everyone!

Been a very busy spring so far with one trip to Japan done and 2 more between now and June on the way!
I had a very busy "off season" from shows in my studio working on some really great projects and some new published originals.

The first published piece from my last Japan tour is called Love and Sakura. My first gallery in Japan, the Heather Brown Surf Art Gallery in Daikanyama, Tokyo, opened on my birthday March 27, 2009. During that trip to Japan, I was first introduced the beauty of Sakura. I lucked out on that trip and the day after I landed, the Sakura were in full bloom in the Tokyo! For those of you who do not know much about Sakura (cherry blossoms) and the importance of them in Japan, I encourage you to do some research on it, as the history of it is beautiful. The full blossom days do not last long, so it is hard to really schedule a trip to see them, so in the past 8 years, I have never been able to see them like that again, and I go out each year for the Heather Brown Gallery anniversary, but usually miss them by a few days or more.
This year, we had planned a short tour in Osaka and were very hopeful to get to see the beauty of the Sakura right outside of The Heather Brown Hawaii Art Gallery in Osaka. And you know what?? We got to see them! It is so nice when the blooms happen, it is almost like the entire Country knows and people all congregate in the parks and it becomes an impromptu festival. So much fun and so absolutely beautiful!
For this tour, I was asked to paint a new piece depicting the beauty of the Sakura. In the past I have painted a few sakura pieces. One with Sakura trees along a beautiful west side beach. One with the sakura fronting the ever majestic Mt Fuji. And now Love and Sakura. there is nothing in life more beautiful than LOVE, except a day with your love under the sakura blooms in a peaceful rowboat meandering the day away.

heather brown hawaii art gallery
Hawaii tropical artist Heather Brown brilliantly depicts the beauty of sakura season in her latest release, Love and Sakura
Love and Sakura has been released as a limited edition giclee on canvas (signed and numbered), an open edition matted print on sugarcane paper and a UV print on a wood panel that gives each piece its own uniqueness.

Mahalo as always for all of your support and encouragement for my art over the years! You all make me smile bigger each day! Aloha nui loa!