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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Heather Brown Surf Art Releases 4 New Matted Prints

Good Morning! and What a Beautiful morning it is on The North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii today!!

I am so happy to announce that I have just release 4 new matted prints to my line and they are now available on my website
All of my matted prints available in multiple sizes are printed on 100% Sugar Cane paper which is a byproduct of the sugar industry, this pulp would usually be burned or thrown in landfills, the clever paper company we work with has taken this pulp and turned it into beautiful paper for printing art on and as always with my company we try and stay Green With Aloha!

All of my matted prints are hand signed on the mat and all of them are available framed with reclaimed wood frames that are built right here at my studio on the North Shore!

The first one is from the original art that I created this past year for the 2011 Honolulu Surf Film Festival held at the Honolulu Academy of Arts Doris Duke Theatre.
Clicking on the picture below will take you directly to the website for purchase.
Heather Brown created the original art for the 2011 Honolulu Surf Film Festival

Wahine He'e Nalu was the second piece in my Surf Girl series and the limited edition giclees sold out in less than 90 days which at the time made this my fastest selling edition! I am so happy with how the matted print came out, the colors and textures are so rich and bold.
Clicking on the picture below will take you directly to the website for purchase.
North Shore Oahu Hawaii Artist Heather Brown's "Wahine He'e Nalu"

Lahaina Shores has long been one of my favorite pieces with one of the giclees hanging predominantly in our home. It is now available as a signed and matted print available in 2 sizes.
Clicking on the picture below will take you directly to the website for purchase.

Heather Brown's "Lahaina Shores"

And lastly, I have just released another all time favorite, Tropical Paradise. Tropical Paradise to me represents so many things that I love about Hawai'i. I am so happy with the print and I think that it will bring smiles to so many peoples face. It is available in 3 sizes.

Clicking on the picture below will take you directly to the website for purchase.

Tropical Paradise by Hawai'i Artist Heather Brown

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Heather Brown Gallery 3 Year Anniversary Show!


Getting over the jet lag from a 58 hour trip to japan for The Heather Brown Gallery 3 year Anniversary show now and I just wanted to send out BIG BIG Mahalo's to everyone who was able to come out to the show this past weekend at my gallery in Daikanyama, Tokyo! It was so nice to see everyone, old friends, collectors and lot's of new faces and smiles that I was so happy to meet!

Heather Brown with Original Art Created for Heather Brown Gallery 3 Year Anniversary Show

Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown getting interviewed for Hawaii Festival Magazine

Heather Brown Signing Art at Heather Brown Gallery 3 Year Anniversary Show

Line to meet Heather Brown at Heather Brown Gallery Tokyo 3 Year Anniversary Show
I also want to thank all the people who brought Chris and I treats and our favorite tea's from Japan, we are enjoying them so much back here on the North Shore, we really appreciate your extreme generosity!

I had so much fun at the show and it was so special to have a couple hundred people in the middle of the street in Tokyo singing Happy Birthday to me, Thank you again SO MUCH!! You all bring such a big smile to my face and such warmth to my heart.

Birthday Celebration for Heather Brown in streets of Tokyo, Japan
I appreciate your patience in waiting in the long lines to meet me, it is something I can always think about when I am busy painting and it always motivates me to create more art to make everyone happy.

Crowd Waiting to meet Hawaii Artist Heather Brown at Heather Brown Gallery 3 Year Anniversary Show
For those who could not make this show, we will be back in May for a 2 week tour from Okinawa to Tokyo and ending at The 2012 Greenroom Festival in Yokohama!! I am so excited and I think you will love the art I am going to create for Greenroom Festival this year, it will be very special indeed!!

For those on the USA side, I will be having shows here on Oahu this summer including The Wyland Gallery in Haleiwa, Waikiki and The 2012 Haleiwa Arts Festival in July. Please check back as I will update dates and times as we get closer.

Also, This Saturday, March 31, 2012 I will be attending a signing event for my collaboration with Rip Curl at Hawaiian South Shore Surf Shop on Ward Ave in Honolulu from 6-9 pm. More info is here:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Originals Now Available by Heather Brown


I have just posted some originals that are now available on my website. You can click on each image and it will take you directly to my site where it is listed.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Busy over here getting ready to leave for Japan this week for The Heather Brown Gallery 3 Year Anniversary!

Set of 3 Original 6"x6" gallery wrapped acrylic paintings of the Iconic Heather Brown Birds.

Set of 3 Original Bird Paintings by Hawai'i Artist Heather Brown

Just back from a Los Angeles Exhibition, this original acrylic painting on a bamboo skateboard deck by Heather Brown is now available. This is the original art piece that spawned the idea to Heather Brown to form the "Aloha Gang" the cast that was the framework for her sold out show in Tokyo last year "Characters". Now is your chance to own your very own Heather Brown Original "Hangin Carrots"

"Hangin Carrots" Original Acrylic Painting on Bamboo Skateboard by Hawai'i Artist Heather Brown

Original Acrlic Painting on Bamboo Skateboard by North Shore Artist Heather Brown

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Heather Brown Gallery 3 Year Anniversary Show Announcement

Aloha Everyone!

I wanted to be the first to let you know that on March 25, 2012 The Heather Brown Gallery in Daikanyama will be having a special 3 Year Anniversary show! I am so excited to come back out to Japan and celebrate my galleries third big year!!

I have been busy working on new originals for the show and we will also have a very special limited edition IPhone case that will only be available there at the show or through The Heather Brown Gallery website if there are any left after the show.

I hope to see you all there as I know it will be a fun time and a great reason for celebrating!

North Shore Oahu Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown will be having a show at The Heather Brown Gallery in Daikanyama, Tokyo, Japan on March 25, 2012 to celebrate the gallery's 3 year anniversary!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pint Glasses by Heather Brown for your Spring and Summer Fun!


Well we have finally seen some sun up on the North Shore of Oahu yesterday and today and my mind is starting to really wander it's way into Spring and Summer! ALthough we sacrifice some better surf in the summer, I love the warm sand, the hotter and drier days and the crystal clear warmer waters that summer brings.
Spring and Summer are also the best entertaining times whether you are just entertaining you and your partners or families or entertaining the whole block. We just released an edition of 4 new 16 ounce glasses to liven up your entertaining, your dorm room, office or just your cabinet space in your home. Chris and I generally pick up a glass on most adventures we take which makes for great memories and people love them when they come visit (also makes it a lot easier to not mix up peoples drinks)
Just recently we decided to make a limited edition of our own with art that I produced for High Tide as well as some of my more recognizable works. They came out great and we have been so happy to be using them in our home with our families and friends. They are all now available online on my website as well as at The Greenroom Gallery in Waikiki. They can be purchased singularly or in sets of 4 as well. I hope you are all enjoying your day and will enjoy the new glasses to add a little extra color to your spaces.

Diamond Head Pint Glass by Heather Brown

High Tide Logo Pint Glass by Heather Brown and High Tide Surf Art

Life at Sea Level Pint Glass by Heather Brown

Sea Siren Pint Glass by Heather Brown Surf Art

Variety Set of 4 Heather Brown Surf Art Pint Glasses

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Message for March 11

Aloha Everyone, 

Wow, I can not believe that a year has already passed since the horrible day last March 11, 2011.
I remember that day so clearly as we watched on tv from the north shore and saw the devastation that was coming down on the country we love so much. Chris and I were in tears thinking about all of our great friends and my art fans and collectors through out the country that were living through this horrible day, and even worse, for those who did not make it through.
While we were in total shock for the next few weeks, we began to see what we could do to help our great Japanese friends and fans. For many weeks we sold original paintings and donated money to help out in any way that we could.
Finally in May last year, we decided to come back to Japan for The Greenroom Festival because we wanted to hug everyone and let them know that things would be alright, we wanted to see smiles again, we wanted things to be better.
It was so nice to see the pure faith of the people of Japan, the positivity and the courage that everyone would show going through each day. It brought us so much more strength and positive reinforcement to keep our heads up knowing that the people of Japan would rebuild their families, their jobs, their towns and cities, their country and most importantly, their way of life.
Since then, we have been back a few more times and each time we are happy to see more progress and we continue to donate to the cause of rebuilding and getting back to the positive country that Japan is.
We are so happy to be coming back to Japan this March to celebrate the Heather Brown Gallery 3 year anniversary but more importantly, to celebrate a great full year of recovery for the wonderful people of Japan. While there is still much work to do, I now feel good knowing that the positivity that the people of Japan radiate will speed this process up and we can all learn so much from you and what you have lived through in the past year.
My wishes are that 2012 and beyond only get better and better for the people of Japan and I promise that I will continue to keep every single person in Japan in my heart as I paint and I hope that my paintings and work can bring a smile to your face and some warmth to your hearts.
All of our best to you and we hope to see your smiling faces on March 25. Mahalo for your continued support of my art, YOU, my wonderful fans and collectors are what keep me going each and every day, and for that I say
“Love and Aloha Always” Aloha Nui Loa, Heather Brown

Aloha 皆さん、
ついに去年5月、日本の皆をHUGして、「大丈夫、うまくいくよ」って言って皆のスマイルを見たかったから、私達はGreenroom Festivalの為に日本に赴く決心をしました
そんなファンの皆さんへ“Love and Aloha Always”, Aloha Nui Loa, ヘザーブラウン

Wave Of Aloha piece from Heather Brown donated to the Japan Recovery Program

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Green With Aloha Aluminum Water Bottles by Heather Brown

Aloha Everyone!

We are having a very very rainy windy grey week here on The North Shore of Oahu but we needed the water and our gardens are so happy right now, just waiting for some sun!

A few years ago Chris and I started a small company to raise awareness and show people that little small steps in your daily life can really help out in a global way to keep our environment cleaner and more beautiful for everyone to enjoy. We named the company Green With Aloha and we were so happy that people really gravitated towards it especially the press to spread the word even further.
The initial products came as the everyday necessity of having re-usable bags for the grocery store or any shopping. They were such a big hit, that unfortunately for a while we could not focus on any new products. They are still a main portion of our everyday life and business and we try to come out with new designs and colors regularly to brighten up your Green With Aloha Experience.

This week we launched another product, one that I would say is as essential if not even more essential to keeping our Earth beautiful for generations to come, the Re-usable beverage container.
We produced two designs of 20 Ounce re-usable aluminum water bottles under the Green With Aloha label and they came out looking great! We have been product testing the prototypes for the past month or so and we love them. Each bottle comes with 2 separate tops that can be used, a sports bottle type top with lid and a screw off top with carabiner. This to us added to the value of an already great product and made it a great way to send the little ones to school with a re-usable bottle that was virtually spill proof or even for us using them on the mountains with mittens on and being able to hydrate Plastic Free!

The bottles are currently available on my website and will soon be available at select retailers worldwide. I urge you to urge any local businesses around your area to carry them as well as this would be even greater to lessen our carbon footprint of shipping.

I hope you enjoy the bottles and strive to stop using single use plastics as much as you can!

Green With Aloha!

Diamond Head Aluminum Bottle by Hawaii Artist Heather Brown and Green With Aloha

Haleiwa Bridge Aluminum Bottle by North Shore Oahu Artist Heather Brown and Green With Aloha

Friday, March 2, 2012

Heather Brown Featured in Western CIV Magazine


I was just recently featured in Western CIV Magazine. You can check out the link here if you are interested:
North Shore Oahu Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown Featured in Western CIV Magazine