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Friday, October 30, 2015

Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown releases 2 brand new limited edition canvasses!

Happy ALOHA Friday!!

I hope you all had a great week and are looking forward to an even better weekend!! It has been such a great week here on the North Shore with lots of new swells and beautiful weather!

I am happy to announce that our (Chris and I's) little company, Heather Brown Art, has been chosen to win the Hawai'i based business award for the 2015 John Kelly Awards hosted by The Surfrider Foundation to be held on November 14, 2015 at Waimea Valley. You can find information and tickets for this great event here: 2015 John Kelly Awards by Surfrider Foundation Oahu
We are beyond thrilled to be acknowledged for our efforts in keeping our Hawai'i company earth and ocean friendly. We have worked tirelessly for years to change the business paradigm and prove to ourselves and others that you can run a successful business and be a conscious human being at the same time. Mahalo Surfrider!!

I was also honored to be asked to create the art again for the event. This year's theme is Sacred Places  and for this years art I painted a piece of the Moli'i Fishpond located on the East side of Oahu. Moli'i is one of only 4 original fishponds left on Oahu and is thought to be here from the earliest Hawaiian settlements on Oahu. It is such a beautiful and serene area and I am so happy to work with organizations around the World that fight to protect these sacred places for future generations to enjoy.

hawaii art surfrider foundation
Moli'i Fishpond by Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown for 2015 John Kelly Awards by Surfrider Foundation
The second new release is called "Surf N Sea" With 2015 being the 50th anniversary of the famous Haleiwa Surf N Sea Surf Shop I wanted to capture the feeling that I have when I drive by this classic shop. It is such a fun shop with such great people and just driving by and seeing the bright yellow exterior and surfboards lining the exterior walls makes me happy!

haleiwa surf n sea
Heather Brown paints the iconic Haleiwa Surf N Sea for the 50th Anniversary of the North Shore Oahu Shop 
Both new releases are available as Limited Edition Giclees in an edition of only 250 worldwide as well as each having a 25 piece Hand Highlighted Artist Proof Edition! Check for these pieces and many more or go to your favorite gallery that supports my art and tell them I said "ALOHA" 

Mahalo nui loa for your continued support!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Heather Brown Japan Fall Surf Art Tour 2015 wrap up

Aloha Everyone!

Nice to be back in Hawai'i at home on the north shore after a fun filled two week tour in Japan!

MAHALO NUI LOA to everyone who was able to come to one of my shows over the past two weeks!
MAHALO NUI LOA to the awesome staff from The Heather Brown Galleries both in Tokyo and Osaka for all the wonderful help not only at the gallery shows but traveling the country with me to do so many surf art pop up shows and signings!
MAHALO NUI LOA to all of the venues, shops, etc for hosting my shows around the beautiful country of Japan!
MAHALO NUI LOA to everyone who could not make it to any of these shows but still showed so much ALOHA and support to me via social media, emails, etc! I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love most and have so many people around the world connect with it. Surfers, non-surfers, beach fanatics, bodyboarders, shell pickers, body surfers, male surfers, Hawaii Lovers, female surfers, pet lovers, bird lovers, animal lovers and everyone in between that has been positively effected in some way by art!

For everyone who could not make it to a show or came late and did not get to see the new original art that I showed, here is a selection of some of the pieces that I brought for my 2015 Japan Surf Art Tour. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to share! ALOHA and MAHALO!

heather brown art
Original Surf Art by Hawai'i artist Heather Brown

island art
Original ocean and beach art by Internationally recognized Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown

heather brown
Hawaiian Botanical Surf Art by North Shore Oahu artist Heather Brown
hawaii art
Heather Brown's iconic surf art original. Japan 2015
surfing art
Tonal surf art by modern surf artist Heather Brown from the North Shore of Oahu, Hawai'i
island life art
Modern surf art by Hawaii artist Heather Brown
modern art masters
Sunset in Hawai'i art by North Shore Oahu surf artist Heather Brown

Here are some random shots from some of the shows and fun I had in Japan October 2015

Heather Brown Gallery Osaka after show dinner of yummy Okonomiyaki!

Heather Brown Gallery Osaka Staff October 2015 Surf Art Tour
One of my oldest and dearest friends in Japan made me a beautiful Haku lei and helped translate for me! Mahalo Yuko!!

Heather Brown Gallery Osaka pre show line up. Humbled and so appreciative of all the support! MAHALO!

Greenroom Gallery in Daiba Japan staff! Love you guys!

Heather Brown Gallery Tokyo pre show line up! Mahalo for coming everyone!!

Heather Brown Gallery Tokyo Staff! Mahalo for all your help, love , support and ALOHA!!

I released a new open edition giclee on canvas called Love and Surf on my tour. It is now available on my website and all the fine galleries that support my art!
surfing couple
Love and Surf by Hawai'i surf artist Heather Brown. Released October 2015

Live radio interview with George Cockle from Lazy Sundays radio show in Japan

Heather Brown Nagoya Surf Art show inside lineup. Mahalo to everyone who came out!!

Heather Brown Nagoya Pop Up Show outside lineup! Mahalo for your patience and coming to see me Nagoya!!

Pre show lineup at Shinjuku Takashimaya Store for Heather Brown Art Show October 14, 2015

Hawaii Artist Heather Brown pictured with fans at her October 14, 2015 show at Shinjuku Takashimaya

Selection of Heather Brown Surf Art prints on wood

Great support system for Heather Brown Shinjuku Takashimaya Show October 14, 2015

heather brown
Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown poses with her bigger than life show poster. Shinjuku Takashimaya

female surf artist
Heather Brown poses with larger than life magazine shot of her and Marley on the beach

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Heather Brown Surf Art show at Greenroom Gallery in Daiba Japan

 Mahalo nui loa to Greenroom Gallery in Daiba Japan and all the great people that came out to get art, see new art and say ALOHA!!

greenroom gallery
Heather Brown Surf Art at Greenroom Gallery Daiba Japan
heather brown
Hawaii artist Heather Brown at her Greenroom Gallery Daiba show in Japan

Saturday, October 3, 2015

First day of Heather Brown Surf Art Japan Fall Tour 2015

Aloha Everyone!

I made it to Japan safe and sound with lots of new original art in tow!!

heather brown gallery
Heather Brown arrives in Tokyo for her 2015 Japan Fall Tour
Happy to be in Japan during this beautiful fall weather and really stoked on my first show of the tour yesterday at The Heather Brown Gallery in Daikanyama, Shibuya, Tokyo!

I am so in love with our gallery space here in Tokyo! Exactly what I would have always dreamt of and a fitting place for me and my art. we are in our 7th year of having the gallery in Tokyo and it's so nice to have a great feeling of home when I am here!

hawaii artist
The Heather Brown Surf Art Gallery in Daikanyama, Shibuya, Tokyo Japan October 2015

Not the North Shore, that's for sure! I do love the early morning beauty of the city and the sky seemed extra clear after the last typhoon.
Ebisu area of Tokyo October 2, 2015 Photo by Heather Brown
I love the juxtaposition of the serene nature in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world.
Shibuya Tokyo Japan waterfall. Photo by Heather Brown
Big MAHALO to everyone who came out to see me and my art yesterday! It is always so nice to come back to Heather Brown Gallery shows and see so many great old friends, fans, collectors and just totally friendly and happy people!

heather brown art
Hawai'i artist Heather Brown at her surf art gallery in Tokyo Japan, The Heather Brown Gallery

 So humbled and thankful for the huge outpouring of support that I have here in Japan and stoked to know The Heather Brown Gallery has become a great part of the Daikanyama, Shibuya area. Mahalo to all for waiting!!
art galleries japan
Heather Brown Gallery Tokyo October 3, 2015
 I've said it before and I will say it again and again, I truly have the best, friendliest, coolest, nicest, most beautiful fans in the world! Mahalo for all of your continued support either through shows and events or online, you all make me tear with joy daily. Mahalo for showing me how sweet humans can really be!
godmother of modern surf art heather brown
Surf Artist Heather Brown poses for a quick photo during her Heather Brown Gallery Tokyo show 10.3.15

For those of you who are not in the area and want to get a taste of what the gallery looks like, these pictures are the second floor room. I love it so much! Would love to have my house look like this!!
iconic surf artist
Heather Brown Gallery Daikanyama Tokyo October 2015

hawaii artist in japan
Heather Brown surf art originals at Heather Brown Gallery Shibuya Japan

godmother of modern surf art heather brown
Heather Brown Gallery Tokyo Japan October 2015
 Mahalo to all that came out to make my first show of the tour such a huge success and so much fun!!
japan art galleries
Heather Brown signing original skateboard art at Heather Brown Gallery October 3, 2015
 HUGE MAHALO to our great staff at Heather Brown Gallery in Tokyo for doing such a great job in all the preparations for the event and handling all the sales and people with such great attitudes and ALOHA! I can make art but you guys make the Heather Brown Gallery. MAHALO NUI LOA!!

surf art japan
Hawaii surf artist Heather Brown with the Heather Brown Gallery Tokyo Staff October 3, 2015 surf art show
Today, Sunday October 4, 2015 I will be having a signing event at Tsutaya Shonan! You can see all the dates of my shows on this tour , past shows and future dates around the world on my website here!

hawaii artist japan
Heather Brown 2015 Fall Japan Surf Art Tour