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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2010 Rell Sunn Aloha Jam

Here are a few pictures from the 2010 Rell Sunn Aloha Jam.
The event was held on 11/28/2010 in Waimea Valley and it was beautiful. Rell's daughter, Jan and her family tirelessly work to put this event and the Menehune Surf Event on every year following Rell's commitment to the community and keiki.
The event was full of great music, dancing, art ( I donated a giclee for the silent auction) great food and a virtual who's who in the surf community. The MC's were Freddy P and Mark Cunningham, and they did a great job including the live auctions at the end.
It was such an honor to watch Cyril Pahinui play traditional Hawaiian music and the Dance Troop was so great, I could have watched them all night long! Mahalo to Jann and the Ohana for inviting me to be a part in this great event!
If you do not know who Rell Sunn is, here is a little on her:

Often referred to as the "Queen of Makaha," Rell was the quintessential water-woman, excelling at all watersports, including surfing, bodysurfing, spearfishing, and open-water outrigger canoeing. In the early 70's, Rell was instrumental in establishing the Women's Professional Surfing Association and founding the women's pro surfing tour in which she twice finished third in the year end rankings.  Despite all of her accomplishments, Rell Sunn remained a completely humble and unselfish person, and might easily have been called the "Queen of Aloha" for the spirit she carried with her, and the enthusiasm she devoted to every aspect of her life.

For more info about Rell and the Rell Sunn Educational fund, Please visit
Jan Sunn and her family

Rell Sunn Aloha Jam

The Great Cyril Pahinui performing

Tokinauan Dancers

Tokinauan Dancers
Great Traditional Hawaiian Music

Henry Kapono and the Young Coconuts

Sunday, November 28, 2010

2010 Annual Surf Art Show at The Wyland Gallery in Haleiwa

Last night was the Annual Surf Art Show at the Wyland Gallery in Haleiwa. It's an annual event every Triple Crown season that brings together some great Surf Artists for a really fun group show. This year the event was packed! So many people, locals and tourists alike, filtered through the gallery for the event and many went home with new art from one or more of their favorite Surf Artist's. I painted a bunch of new originals for the show and I had such a fun evening, thanks to all that came out!
Now to get ready for the Rell Sunn Jam in Waimea Valley tonight!
Here are a few pictures from the evening. 

Heather Brown being interviewed for Triple Crown TV
Heather Brown with happy new Surf Art collectors!
Surf Artist Clark Takashima proudly representing his sponsor in front of his epic art.

Heather Brown and new collectors holding a brand new published original "Autumn Bloom"

Surf art shows bring all sorts of folks out! Heather Brown with Mike, Skill Johnson and Chris

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The 2010 Reef Haleiwa Pro!


Well yesterday Chris and I snuck off for a bit to go see the 2010 Reef Haleiwa Pro day 3. Our great friend Skil Johnson hooked us up with some great VIP seating and we watched some unbelievable heats including Joel Parkinson's first heat back in competition since his nasty ankle injury, and he scored 1 perfect 10 followed by a 9.87 to win the heat with another favorite surfer of ours from Kauai finishing second to get through to the next round, Evan Valliere. We also got to watch Occy in his heat. It was fun and exciting and probably the last day of good weather for a few days!
Here are a few pictures from the day, I even got to take a picture with Rabbit Kekai! A true Hawaiian Legend. Mahalo to Reef, Haleiwa and Mr Haleiwa, Skil Johnson for a great day!

North Shore Oahu Surf Artist Heather Brown at the 2010 Reef Haleiwa Pro

North Shore Oahu Surf Artist Heather Brown at the 2010 Reef Haleiwa Pro

North Shore Oahu Surf Artist Heather Brown with Hawai'i Surfing Legend Rabbit Kekai

North Shore Oahu Surf Artist Heather Brown, Chris and CJ Hobgood at the 2010 Reef Haleiwa Pro

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Girls Tee's just added and a NEW ORIGINAL!!!!


Well, I have been working ferociously on new paintings for the Annual Surf Art Show at the Wyland Gallery in Haleiwa, I decided I would put up a new original for everyone that could not attend on the 27th.
Here is a picture of the new Heather Brown Surf Art Original. It is a 12"x16" acrylic on canvas

Surf Art By Heather Brown, Original #496

I also just added two new girls fashion tee's! I picked them up just as I was leaving for my Japan tour and brought some with me and they FLEW off the shelves. They are really nice and soft and printed with eco-friendly water based inks right here in Hawai'i.

All with ample time for your Holiday Shopping! Special edition Holiday cards are also still available in 10 packs or singles!

Heather Brown Art Girls Tee in Heather Grey

Heather Brown Art Girls Tee in Slate Blue

Sunday, November 14, 2010

8th Annual John Kelly Awards at Waimea Valley

So much fun last night at the John Kelly Awards held in Waimea Valley! Big congratulations to Mark Cunningham for his Lifetime Achievement Award, Duane DeSoto for the Pro Surfer Award and The Weekly for the Hawai'i Business Award! The event was sol out and there was such a great turnout of great people, companies, artists and musicians. Paula Fuga played and it was so great to hear her voice resonating through the valley and for a special treat she invited Jack Johnson on stage for a few songs too!
I forgot my camera, as is usually the case, but we got a few bad quality pictures on my iPhone to share.
It has been such a busy weekend already with Rex Dubiel's literacy event at Waimea Valley on Friday night with the showing of Fiberglass and mega pixels, The John Kelly Awards and today is the two Clark's show at the Wyland Gallery in Haleiwa featuring the surf art of Clark Takashima and Clark Little. The North Shore Season has definitely begun in full swing!

Heather Brown and Paula Fuga at the John Kelly Awards in Waimea Valley

Heather Brown and Skill Johnson at the John Kelly Awards
Paula Fuga and Jack Johnson performing at the 8th annual John Kelly Awards

North Shore Surf Artists Clark Takashima, Hilton Alves and Heather Brown at the John Kelly Awards

Friday, November 12, 2010

Surf, Surf, Surf....skateboard!

What a great welcome home it has been this week. I got to surf everyday so far and it has been so much fun! I teamed up with a new company that makes bamboo skateboards recently and I received them just before my trip to Japan, so I painted on 3 of them. They were such a hit as they have always been in the past, but I have gotten so many requests and comments on them that I figured I would post some clear pictures of each one. I am really happy with how they came out, would be a really cool set too, but they sold individually. I will have more painted for the Surf Art Show at the Wyland Gallery in Haleiwa on November 27th.
Hope everyone has a great day!!

Heather Brown Surf Art on Bamboo Skateboards "Pink Waves"

Heather Brown Surf Art on Bamboo Skateboards "Blue Waves"

Heather Brown Surf Art on Bamboo Skateboards "Brown Waves"

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Last Japan show for FallTour at Kaneyo

Kaneyo Cafe for Art On The Beach. Thanks Jon!


I am back in Hawai'i now and even got to get a fun surf in at Chun's this morning as a nice welcome home!

The last show I had when I was on "The Heather Brown Fall Surf Art Tour" was at a great friend of ours restaurant in Yokuska called Kaneyo. Jon is the man behind the magic here. He held the first one last year and it was a blast and this years was even bigger. Great food, music, art and people. It really felt like being at home in Hawai'i.
Here are some pics from the event. I hope you enjoy them!

"Art on the Beach 2010" featuring surf art from all over Japan and Heather Brown!

(3 great modern day surf artists) Rika Hanai, Heather Brown, Sho Watanabe and Yusuke Hanai 

Heather Brown Standing on front of her surf art display at Kaneyo in Japan for Art on The Beach
Heather Brown and good friend Sally at Art On The Beach
Heather Brown with good friend Haruto at Art On The Beach, a great Surf Art happening in Japan at Kaneyo in Yokuska

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mu'umu'u Heaven Show in Kamakura Japan

WOW!!!!! What a show! The Heather Brown Art Show at Mu'umu'u Heaven in Kamukura was great! SO busy, so many old friends and fans and so many new ones too!
The store is so beautiful and the staff and people were so friendly and helpful. Here are a few pictures from the show.
Today I am off to "Art on the Beach" at Kaneyo at Hashirimizu Beach in Yokosuka JapanIf you are in the area you should really come on down, last year was so much fun with art, music, fire dancing, great food and drinks as well.

Heather Brown Painting a door at Mu'umu'u Heaven in Japan

Heather Brown with some fans and collectors at Mu'umu'u Heaven in Japan

Crowd waiting Heather Brown's visit at Mu'umu'u Heaven in Japan

Heather Brown meeting with fans at Mu'umu'u  Heaven in Japan

Heather Brown creating new surf art for Mu'umu'u Heaven in Japan

Friday, November 5, 2010

Heather Brown Show at Patagonia in Shibuya, Tokyo

Good Morning from Tokyo!

I had a great show yesterday at the Patagonia shop in Shibuya, Tokyo! Everyone there is so stoked on surf art, surf culture and showed so much Aloha to me and the big crowds of people.
The store itself in unreal! 4 floors of merchandise and the top floor called the "Patagonia Ocean Floor" really had a great feel and made me feel like I was back home on the North Shore. It has been quite a hectic schedule since I have been here, but I am so lucky to have such great people taking me all over the place and showing so much love and aloha. I have attached a few pictures of the set up of the show for you all to see. Big Mahalo's to all that came out for the show, and if you are in the area today, I will be at Mu'umu'u Heaven in Kamakura for another show!
I hope you enjoy the pictures. Aloha! Heather

Heather Brown Art Show at Patagonia in Shibuya, Tokyo

Original Heather Brown art mini's at the Patagonia, Shibuya show

Heather Brown original art and merchandise at Patagonia in Shibuya, Tokyo

I was so honored to sign the same wall that was signed by Gerry Lopez! 

Patagonia Shop in Shibuya, Tokyo. On the fourth floor was the Heather Brown Art show

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Heather Brown Gallery show and Radio Interview

Wow, what a full day! So tired now but I wanted to share a few photos from today for anyone who missed out.
I had a great show at my gallery in Aoyama today, so many great fans and friends came out to support me and my art, I am so thankful!
After the show I was taken to Samudra Surf Shop to do a radio interview for a Japanese radio station that is popular with the local surfers. The interview will be aired tomorrow morning. The shop had the cutest dog named Wax, he sat on my lap during the interview to keep me company.
Here are some pictures from the day.
11/5/2010 show at the Patagonia shop in Shibuya, Tokyo


At The Heather Brown Gallery in Aoyama, Tokyo with some of the greatest  employees ever!

Tommy, Wax the dog and Heather Brown at Samudra Surf Shop

Heather Brown interview with Japanese radio station at Local Surf Shop

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Giro Giro in Kyoto

I forgot on my last post, mmmmmmmm, Giro Giro in Kyoto, one of my favorite restaurants in the world!!!
I would love to explain more in words, but a lot is lost in translation. one word....ONO!
Here are some pictures of my first nights welcome meal in Kyoto. They will soon open a Giro Giro in Honolulu!!

All the prep and cooking done right in front of you by such a friendly and proud staff

Some of the great chefs at Giro Giro in Kyoto