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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lahaina Shore's by Hawai'i Surf Artist Heather Brown

Peaceful Sunday mornings in the winter time always bring my memories back to my time on Maui working on dive boats and whale watching cruises.
The mix of baby blue skies peppered with wispy clouds hanging over the turquoise seas is enough to bring your stress levels down immediately.
Add in some fun rolling surf, the scents of tropical flowers and some beautiful whales playing offshore and you transcend into full on bliss.

I created this piece "Lahaina Shores" a few years back after going back to Maui from Oahu and re-remembering the beauty and serenity of Maui's whale season.

You can get a matted print, printed on 100% recycled sugar cane paper available in multiple sizes with frame options as well on my website here: Lahaina Shores

I hope you are having a beautiful weekend!


surf art heather brown
Lahaina Shores by Heather Brown

Monday, February 1, 2016

Heather Brown Art in Group Whale Show January 2016 Greenroom Gallery Hawaii

Aloha Everyone!

I was so stoked to participate in a recent show called Belena, 鯨,Whale, Kohola with fellow Artists Welzie, Iki Yasuo and The Captain Surfs at The Greenroom Gallery's on Oahu, Hawai'i. 

Below are some of the pieces that I created for the show. Any injuries for available original work should be sent to The Greenroom Gallery in Haleiwa or Waikiki.

Mahalo for your continued support and ALOHA!

whale art
Happy Whale original by Hawaii Artist Heather Brown

hawaii artist
Surf Artist Heather Brown Original "Sometimes Whales Get Sleepy"

whale art
Whale Linocut by Hawaii Ocean Artist Heather Brown

heather brown fine art
Whale Art Skateboard by Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown

heather brown surf art
Original Whale Art by Hawaii's Heather Brown

most popular surf art heather brown
Pastel Whale by Hawaii Artist Heather Brown

ocean art for kids
Surfing Whale Art by Heather Brown

surf art for kids
Sometimes Whales Like to Relax by Hawaii Ocean Artist Heather Brown

ocean whale art
Whale Linocut in Bottle by Heather Brown

hawaii artist
Whale Art by Hawaii artist Heather Brown