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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Heather Brown Art Show Osaka Takashimaya Sunday October 19, 2014


Today, Sunday October 19, 2014 will be my last show for this Fall Tour in Japan. Today will be at Osaka Takashimaya!

Tomorrow we fly to Australia to take part in the annual Byron Bay Surf Festival!

Come check out this little original of Dale from Bird Party the Band surfing in Waikiki and many more!

heather brown bird art
Hawaii Artist Heather Brown will be showing art at Osaka Takashimaya October 19, 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Heather Brown X Elan Snowboards for 2014-2015 Now Available Online! Very Limited Quantity!

Happy ALOHA Friday from Japan!

We have been having a great time in Japan this tour and today we will head to Osaka for a show tomorrow, Saturday October 18, 2014 at The Heather Brown Gallery in Osaka and then on Sunday at the Osaka Takashimaya! Then off to Australia on Monday for the Annual Byron Bay Surf Festival!!

I am very excited to announce that we were finally able to get some snowboards over from Japan from my Limited Edition Collaboration with Elan Snowboards for 2014-2015! We have just posted them on the website and are available for immediate shipping worldwide!

Please note that these were all produced in a limited edition of 500 of each design/size and this is all that is left, there will not be any more made so if you are interested, you may want to act fast! Japan is now totally sold out of their stock so this is it! Huge Mahalo to our great friends at Elan for this super fun collaboration and to everyone who already got their boards! I am so excited to start spotting them on the mountain!

For 2014 We made 3 models in 2 sizes each. 1 Mens model and 2 Women's models.

snowboard art heather brown
Heather Brown X Elan Snowboard Collaboration for 2014-2015

"Snow Bunny" Snowboard collaboration #1 with Heather Brown Art and Elan Snowboards. I had the chance to ride this board last spring when production first started. Not only did it make me so happy to see and even happier when people had big smiles looking at the graphics, the board rode so well, I put my Burton up on the racks and rode this the last 3 weeks of the season. Super responsive, fast, light and really surfy!
Heather Brown X Elan Snowboards Collaboration "Snow Bunny" Limited Edition  Snowboard for 2014-2015
This picture shows the board with binding placement and bottom graphic
Snow Bunny Limited Edition Snowboard by Heather Brown and Elan Snowboards
heather brown snowboard
Heather Brown X Elan Snowboards "Hawai'i Sweethearts" Limited Edition Snowboard 2014-2015
surf art snowboard
Hawaii Sweethearts Limited Edition Snowboard Collaboration from Elan Snowboards and Heather Brown
snowboard art
Heather Brown X Elan Snowboards "Honolulu Surf" Limited Edition Snowboard Collaboration for 2014-2015
surfing snowboard art
Honolulu Surf Snowboard Collaboration with Heather Brown and Elan Snowboards 2014-2015

Mahalo to everyone who helped sell out the three editions before the season even started! You still have a chance to get one if you are quick on my website!

surf artist
Hawaii Artist Heather Brown Signing one of her recent collaboration snowboards by Elan

Monday, October 13, 2014

Heather Brown And The Captain Surfs Invite You to Come to Kaneyo for The Lady Slide Sessions!

Aloha Everyone!
My fall tour in Japan has been so much fun so far, Once we return I will post more pictures and stories from the events. 

The Captain and I want to invite you to come to a very special event tomorrow night in Yokusaka Japan at our favorite spot, Kaneyo!

the captain surfs
Heather Brown Gallery Presents The Lady Slide Sessions with The Captain Surfs, Peace K and Tommy Returntables at Kaneyo in Yokuska Japan on October 15, 2014

The Lady Slide Sessions will be tomorrow Wednesday October 15, 2014 and will feature The Captain Surfs performing music of his own and some of your favorite Bird Party Songs! Our good friend Peace K will also be playing music and DJ Tommy Returntables will be keeping you all entertained too! Great food, drinks and a fun party environment. Tickets are limited and selling fast but you can still get tickets at The Greenroom Galleries, The Heather Brown Galleries and even online by following this link: Heather Brown and The Captain Surfs Present The Lady Slide Sessions

Here is the interview that we did with George Cockle on Lazy Sunday's on Inter FM in Japan.
Check George and the Lazy Sunday crew out here: Lazy Sundays 

Friday, October 10, 2014

New Surf Art from Hawaii Artist Heather Brown Released Today!


We arrived last night and went straight to our good friends group show in Harajuku! Check it out if you are int he area at Beams Harajuku - "Air Mail" by Yusuke Hanai, Plate Lunch Special, Russ Pope and Zio Ziegler, the show is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

I have a few Tokyo area shows this week.

Today, Saturday October 11, 2014 at The Heather Brown Gallery in Daikanyama.

Tomorrow, Sunday October 12, 2014 The Captain and I will be on Lazy Sunday radio show at 11 am, Yokohama Takashimaya show from 1pm to 3 pm, The Captain Surfs Art show at WTW Aoyama from 5 pm to 7 pm (he will be showing art and playing music!)

Monday, October 13 I will be having a show at The Greenroom Gallery in Odaiba

and then we are having a special party at Kaneyo in Yokuska on Wednesday, limited tickets left  for this great event and The Captain and our good friend Peace-K will be performing live music!! Tickets for there show are available here:

Today also marks the release of 2 new Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas and if you are in Tokyo the new published originals will be at the shows as well!

The first is "Party Wave"

hawaii artist heather brown birds
Heather Brown Art "Party Wave"

and the second is "Lady Slide"

surf girl
Surf Art by Heather Brown "Lady Slide"

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Heather Brown and The Captain Surfs are Proud to Announce the first day of "Into the Wild with Bird Party" Pre-Sales!!!!!

Aloha Everyone!

Just as we are about to depart on a month long tour in Japan and Australia, we received all of our test prints for the upcoming "Into the Wild with Bird Party" Limited Edition Box Set!

surf art
Into the Wild with Bird Party by Heather Brown and The Captain Surfs

heather brown record
Heather Brown and The Captain Surfs release "Into the Wild with Bird Party"

Some of you may know the history of Bird Party and this project others may not, so I will explain a little (sorry to bore you if you have already heard this 1-29 times!)

I have always loved watching birds, drawing birds, sculpting birds, painting birds and really living somewhat vicariously through them at times in my life. About a year or so ago, my husband ( and I were on another tour and during a long train ride we started talking about different collaboration projects we could work on as we had a few in the past. Both of us definitely wanting to "up our game" and produce something that was....well... much bigger and better than we had done in the past with a much longer timeline and more unique pieces. Chris has been a lifelong musician since receiving his first guitar for Christmas at the age of 6 with big expectations to be the next Angus Young (of AC/DC fame) He has played in bands across the USA and been a fan or recording his own music in little diy home studios through out the years. Right away, he pulled out his laptop and had me listen to some beats and bass rhythms that he had been working on and right there we both looked into each others eyes and said "Bird Party.....The Band!!!!" and the project was launched.

Pre Sale Pricing ONLY available at
bird party
The Captain Surfs and Heather Brown Art are proud to announce the pre sale of "Into the Wild with Bird Party"
First things first, Chris had to get back into the studio and turn his ideas into songs. I had to work on the characters that would be in the band and we had to wrestle with our busy touring schedule. Well, somehow we have made it through the tunnel and our special project "Into the Wild with Bird Party" is now about to be released! The Captain will be performing live shows of some of the songs on our tours in Japan and Australia and we will start pre-selling the album and all of its goodies today!!

Limited Edition Polaroid Pictures of Bird Party the Band relaxing while recording in Hawai'i
Please note that EVERYTHING in this project was designed, created, and produced by us right here in the good ol USA! We did not have any printing or pressing done overseas (which would have been a huge price break) because we believe in supporting the people working hard here in our Country and putting out a sweat shop free/cruelty free product. Of course we are using recycled materials from recycled vinyl from the thousands of colored vinyl records put out each year (this is why the color we have is random!) Records are pressed in New York, we are using all recycled papers for our record labels and record envelopes, We are using recycled cardboard slip cases and boxes custom designed and manufactured in Rhode Island, and the special edition liner notes on accordion cards are also all printed on recycled paper in Kansas. The limited edition album also includes a free digital download of the album so you can listen wherever you may roam! Each vinyl record is hand etched with the album title and edition number.

bird party
Into the Wild with Bird Party by Heather Brown and The Captain Surfs
Some of the goodies that come with the limited edition box set of "Into the Wild with Bird Party" from The Captain Surfs and Heather Brown
We are so proud of "Into the Wild with Bird Party" and hope you will love it too!
For a SPECIAL SPECIAL we are now offering the full limited edition album package complete with:
1. Limited edition vinyl record on random colored marble vinyl and exclusive new Heather Brown Art labels
2. Slip case and inner tray box to keep record and goodies
3. 4 limited edition polaroids of the band relaxing during the recording of the album in Hawai'i
4. 1 accordion booklet with liner notes from the album and musician bios and photos
5. 5 special Bird Party and The Captain Surfs Stickers
6. Free digital download of the album to bring your listening pleasure anywhere you go


Pre Sale Pricing ONLY available at

"Into the Wild with Bird Party" by The Captain Surfs and Heather Brown

Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Surf Girl Original by Heather Brown for the 2014 Byron Bay Surf Festival


As fall is setting in upon us, so does the start of another big tour season! I love this time of year, the changes in season, the winter waves starting to hit the shores, bundling up and the start of my fall/winter shows! I have been busy painting for my upcoming Japan and Australia shows and here is a little sneak peek at a new original piece going to this years Byron Bay Surf Festival

surf girl
Surf art by Hawaii Artist Heather Brown