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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Heather Brown Surf Art in Hawaii Senator Gil Riviere's Office

Very excited to have my art hanging in the office of Senator Gil Riviere's office! He is our representative for the North Shore and Windward Oahu areas. Mahalo Gil! Keep fighting the good fight for our people and our aina!

hawaii art
Heather Brown's Iconic Surf Art in the North Shore Oahu Senator Gil Riviere's Office

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Heather Brown's "North Shore Holiday" Surf Art Print Now Available!


I am excited to announce that I have just released "North Shore Holiday" as a new signed and matted print available in 2 sizes also available with our reclaimed wood frames made here on the North Shore of Oahu!

The original inspiration for "North Shore Holiday" came a few years back when Chris and I were living on the Island of Kaua'i, Hawai'i. We had both lived on Oahu at different times prior and I had moved over to live with him on Kaua'i for about a year to experience the beautiful garden isle. While we were living there, we would travel back to Oahu pretty regularly for shows, meetings, etc and on one lucky trip we scored great surf in the off season for the North Shore. I remember so vividly walking up the beach path at Off The Wall just at the perfect moment to see Chris score this perfect little barrel riding an old single fin from the 70's. The memory and vision is engrained in my head still to this day. It took me a few years to get around to painting it so I could truly do that vision justice.

Well, here is the piece. Let me know what you think of it!

hawaii art surfing
Surf Art "North Shore Holiday" by Hawaii Artist Heather Brown

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Jake Shimabukuro and Friends X Heather Brown 1st Annual Concert at The Hawai'i Theatre November 2012

A few years ago I was honored to be asked to create the artwork for the 1st annual Jake Shimabukuro and Friends Concert at the historic Hawai'i Theatre. I had the pleasure of working with Jake Shimabukuro a few years earlier than that on his Japan tour merchandise and he is one of the best humans I have ever been in contact with. We have a few of the original concert posters left from 2012 and we have just got them up on the website and available with worldwide shipping.
Follow the link here for purchasing details:

surf art hawaii
Heather Brown Art for the First Annual Jake Shimabukuro and Friends Concert 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Heather Brown IPhone 6 and 6+ Cases Now Available! Limited Time Shipping Promo!

Happy ALOHA Friday!

Very happy to announce that my new IPhone 6 and 6+ cases are now available! AND.... for a limited time we are running a great promo on shipping! FREE Domestic USA shipping and $10 discounted International shipping!!

IPhone 6 cases
Surf Art IPhone Cases by Heather Brown

These cases are still made with 100% post consumer recycled plastics! Green with ALOHA!! and each case still donates 15% of the sales to the different charities and organizations that I work with! Each case donates to a different organization that you can see when you look at the cases on my website HERE

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Surf Girl by Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown

I am often asked about my early works. While for years I worked in charcoals, sketching, and printmaking. When I attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa I really opened my eyes to more color and the joy of painting. In school you learn to work with "studies" where you may do 5-10+ pieces of the same image with minor changes and details. "Surf Girl" was one of those pieces that I did an extensive study of (this also happened to be when I really got into surfing on a daily basis in Waikiki between and after classes) The first ever "Surf Girl" was an intaglio print. The piece here was the final rendition. This piece has been in my lineup for close to 14 years now. I sometimes toy with the idea of discontinuing it, but then I look back at it and it brings me so much joy. That is exactly why I make art, with the hopes of bringing Happiness to the viewer, so I hope this does the same for you. Aloha and MAHALO for all of your continued support over the years. I look forwards to many more years creating art and have been busy working on some big new pieces for 2015!

heather brown art
Surf Girl by Hawaii Artist Heather Brown