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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Heather Brown Happy Art Rainbow Birds Creation Story

Back in 2014 I was asked by Jalpak to produce art for their new double decker tour busses that they had on Oahu. At the time there were only two busses. An original acrylic painting on a bus wouldn't last and I have never thought about painting my art at that scale.
So we got the dimensions of the bus and scaled it down to a workable size for me to paint on canvas. I painted the piece on 3 canvasses that were each 20"x40" I included a picture of me painting the first 2 canvasses in my studio on the north shore of Oahu. We then did a very high resolution scan of the 3 pieces and my publisher, Black Sand Publishing in Honolulu, created the custom wraps for the busses.
As an extra for the project I wanted to do something a bit fun and silly and something that people stuck in the Honolulu traffic congestion could look at and smile (especially if you are directly in back of the bus!)
This was the catalyst for me to create the Rainbow Birds.
Over the years I have received so many messages and emails from people that have been in back of the busses telling me how it made them smile in an otherwise frustrating time in traffic. That made me so happy that I decided to work with Jalpak to get the art on 12 more trolleys in the Honolulu area.
While I see my art plenty, it is always such a rush of excitement when I see one driving down the streets of Waikiki.
Subsequently, the Rainbow Birds piece has been the most tattooed piece of my art to date! I probably receive 1-2 emails a month of pictures of rainbow bird tattoos. This makes me happy to see the deep connection that people can have with art.
I hope you all are enjoying the week and as always I am so incredibly thankful for all of you and your love and support to me, my art and my family!

Happy Art by Heather Brown Rainbow Birds

Hawai'i Surf Artist Heather Brown on Jalpak bus she designed

Jalpak bus with Happy Heather Brown Surf Art and Rainbow Birds

Surf Artist Heather Brown Creating the original art for Jalpak

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