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Friday, January 31, 2020

Happy Aloha Friday!
Here is an original skateboard deck I painted about 6 years back for a group show I did with my husband Chris, Our friend Iki from Japan and Welzie from the North Shore of Oahu. The group show was all about whales and the Narwhal deck was one of my favorite pieces I created.
I have always enjoyed painting animals starting from my early days creating photo realistic charcoal pieces, mainly of horses.
These days I love creating my animals in a way that sparks happiness instantly. They are a bit silly and each one has their very own personality that shines brightly.
I have actually been emailed by some people telling me that I shouldn't paint an animal a certain way, or show an animal in a non-animal environment, and more. While I respect everyones opinion, my feeling has always been to show the beauty and happiness of nature and all earthlings in hopes that it will help people want to protect them. I truly believe that if everyone was able to spend time in beautiful natural places and spend time with animals and see how they live and react with each other, many people would come away with a much deeper appreciation and most likely want to protect the earth and all its beings more.
By creating art like this, I hope to speak the imaginations of the millions of people that do not have the ability to be in nature, that have never seen the ocean, and that don't even know about whales and other endangered species.
I hope that this cute little guy adds a bit of Aloha to your heart this weekend and you share that love with your family, our environment and all of the creatures that inhabit this beautiful Earth with us.
Mahalo and Aloha!

Heather Brown Art Narwhal Skateboard Original

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