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Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Green With Aloha Aluminum Water Bottles by Heather Brown

Aloha Everyone!

We are having a very very rainy windy grey week here on The North Shore of Oahu but we needed the water and our gardens are so happy right now, just waiting for some sun!

A few years ago Chris and I started a small company to raise awareness and show people that little small steps in your daily life can really help out in a global way to keep our environment cleaner and more beautiful for everyone to enjoy. We named the company Green With Aloha and we were so happy that people really gravitated towards it especially the press to spread the word even further.
The initial products came as the everyday necessity of having re-usable bags for the grocery store or any shopping. They were such a big hit, that unfortunately for a while we could not focus on any new products. They are still a main portion of our everyday life and business and we try to come out with new designs and colors regularly to brighten up your Green With Aloha Experience.

This week we launched another product, one that I would say is as essential if not even more essential to keeping our Earth beautiful for generations to come, the Re-usable beverage container.
We produced two designs of 20 Ounce re-usable aluminum water bottles under the Green With Aloha label and they came out looking great! We have been product testing the prototypes for the past month or so and we love them. Each bottle comes with 2 separate tops that can be used, a sports bottle type top with lid and a screw off top with carabiner. This to us added to the value of an already great product and made it a great way to send the little ones to school with a re-usable bottle that was virtually spill proof or even for us using them on the mountains with mittens on and being able to hydrate Plastic Free!

The bottles are currently available on my website and will soon be available at select retailers worldwide. I urge you to urge any local businesses around your area to carry them as well as this would be even greater to lessen our carbon footprint of shipping.

I hope you enjoy the bottles and strive to stop using single use plastics as much as you can!

Green With Aloha!

Diamond Head Aluminum Bottle by Hawaii Artist Heather Brown and Green With Aloha

Haleiwa Bridge Aluminum Bottle by North Shore Oahu Artist Heather Brown and Green With Aloha

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