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Friday, February 21, 2020

Surf Stroll by Heather Brown

Happy ALOHA Friday!!
Surf Stroll is a piece that I originally painted sometime in 2015-2016. At that point we were living on the North Shore of Oahu and we would take the dog for walks on the stretch of beach between Ehukai and Ke'iki. One morning on a smaller day of surf I looked out as a girl walked out to the waters edge and it almost seemed as she cleared the path of the normal hustle and bustle of North Shore in winter time. It was so fun to run back up to my studio and start sketching out the basis for this piece. I worked a few different study pieces before I finally decided on the composition and colors for the finished piece.
I hope that Surf Stroll can bring you to the same magical place that she is entering.
Mahalo and Aloha!

girl surfer approaching the waves on North Shore Oahu by heather brown modern surf art
Surf Stroll by Modern Surf Artist Heather Brown 

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