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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Proper Introduction


I never properly introduced our new buddy and addition to our family, he is a Tasmanian Labradoodle and his name is Hobie. He is just about 5 months old now and he is fitting in with the family great and having a really fun time in the yard and on the beach. We got him on the first day of the Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction so his first encounter in Hawai'i was around a lot of people and a lot of beautiful vintage surfboards. We actually bid and won a 1965 Hobie No.5 Hawai'i gun shaped by Dick Brewer with all proceeds going to The Surfing Heritage Foundation and figured that Hobie would be a great name for him.
The other two dogs have been great with him, but our youngest, Brian, seems to be playing the role of "mom" to Hobie and doing a great job!

Hobie and Brian at home in the yard. 

Hobie's first mugshot
Heather Brown's 1965 Hobie/Brewer No.5 Model. All proceeds of this sale went to Surfing Heritage Foundation

Marley sighting down the bottom contour of this 1965 Hobie/Brewer No.5 Hawai'i Gun 

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