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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hawai'i Artist Heather Brown Celebrates International Surfing Day with Her New Collaboration Surfboard Model with Two Crows Surfboards


Today, June 20, 2012 is International Surfing Day! What a great day to observe!!
Many of you know that on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawai'i we usually do not have much for waves this time of the year, but this June has blessed us with heaps of surf and great times!
Today, Chris and I went down to one of our favorite logging spots (great place to ride longboards) and scored a few hours of fun surf with very minimal crowds and the sun even greeted us to make for a perfect session.

I took out my new Sea Siren Surfboard model which is a collaboration project with me ( Heather Brown) and The guys at Two Crows Surfboards (Carl and Nick) also from here on the North Shore.
I have been working with Carl the shaper over the past year to pinpoint the perfect shape board and once we found the shape, Nick and I worked out the art. Nick is a successful artist not only in surfboard glassing, but also in totally unique fiberglass art that Chris and I have also added to our art collection.

The "Sea Siren" is an 8'11" all around longboard and it is available in a limited edition of only 100 (each one is signed and numbered under the glass)
The first 5 have sold and the next 5 will be available the end of July. The price of the first 25 is $2500 which includes a special one of a kind 50/50 fin as well as a daytripper board bag to keep it safe. After the first 25 the price will increase $250 for each 10 made, so get yours quick!
The fin a 9" custom shape by Island Fin Design (pictured below) is green on one side with the Heather Brown Sea Siren Logo and black on the other side with the Two Crows Logo. Each surfboard does come with one of these fins as mentioned, also, there are fins available to purchase separately, you can click on the image below to be taken directly to my website where you can see purchasing details.
You can also pick up a Heather Brown X Two Crows Sea Siren model in Honolulu at The Surf Garage and soon in Maryland at Malibu's Surf Shop. Ask your local shop to carry these great boards!

The Board is 100% hand Shaped here in Hawai'i and hand glassed with all of the artwork being done using tinted and colored resins (this is not a cheap painting on foam or a laminate) The colors are vibrant and beautiful, this is a lost art in the mass produced surfboard market. Both the top and bottom deck of the board have the art and special laminate that I created for the model and all of the lines match up perfectly.
Clicking on the image below will take you directly to my website where you can see purchasing options and available edition #'s.

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