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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

North Shore Storms

WOW! What a morning of storms! We were woken up at about 4 am this morning by huge wind gust, lightning, LOUD thunder and pelting rain, rain, rain! Chris and I took advantage to look outside and we captured a few pictures to show you. This weather will make for a huge new collection of originals though! Keep your eyes open for them. The original of "Waikiki" that I posted a few days ago just sold, but I promise there will be more big art coming your way. I will be unveiling 2 new groups of work on February 12, 1 at the Wyland Gallery in Haleiwa from 12-3 pm and the second at the Wyland Gallery in Waikiki from 6-9 pm. I will share more details on those two shows as we get closer.
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The palms have been really green lately!

Artist Heather Brown and her puppy Brian

The almost famous Brian Griffin Brown Viverito

Dark morning stormy sky

Happy Happy Plants!

This is actually after sunrise!

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