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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Heather Brown and The Captain Surfs are Proud to Announce the first day of "Into the Wild with Bird Party" Pre-Sales!!!!!

Aloha Everyone!

Just as we are about to depart on a month long tour in Japan and Australia, we received all of our test prints for the upcoming "Into the Wild with Bird Party" Limited Edition Box Set!

surf art
Into the Wild with Bird Party by Heather Brown and The Captain Surfs

heather brown record
Heather Brown and The Captain Surfs release "Into the Wild with Bird Party"

Some of you may know the history of Bird Party and this project others may not, so I will explain a little (sorry to bore you if you have already heard this 1-29 times!)

I have always loved watching birds, drawing birds, sculpting birds, painting birds and really living somewhat vicariously through them at times in my life. About a year or so ago, my husband ( and I were on another tour and during a long train ride we started talking about different collaboration projects we could work on as we had a few in the past. Both of us definitely wanting to "up our game" and produce something that was....well... much bigger and better than we had done in the past with a much longer timeline and more unique pieces. Chris has been a lifelong musician since receiving his first guitar for Christmas at the age of 6 with big expectations to be the next Angus Young (of AC/DC fame) He has played in bands across the USA and been a fan or recording his own music in little diy home studios through out the years. Right away, he pulled out his laptop and had me listen to some beats and bass rhythms that he had been working on and right there we both looked into each others eyes and said "Bird Party.....The Band!!!!" and the project was launched.

Pre Sale Pricing ONLY available at
bird party
The Captain Surfs and Heather Brown Art are proud to announce the pre sale of "Into the Wild with Bird Party"
First things first, Chris had to get back into the studio and turn his ideas into songs. I had to work on the characters that would be in the band and we had to wrestle with our busy touring schedule. Well, somehow we have made it through the tunnel and our special project "Into the Wild with Bird Party" is now about to be released! The Captain will be performing live shows of some of the songs on our tours in Japan and Australia and we will start pre-selling the album and all of its goodies today!!

Limited Edition Polaroid Pictures of Bird Party the Band relaxing while recording in Hawai'i
Please note that EVERYTHING in this project was designed, created, and produced by us right here in the good ol USA! We did not have any printing or pressing done overseas (which would have been a huge price break) because we believe in supporting the people working hard here in our Country and putting out a sweat shop free/cruelty free product. Of course we are using recycled materials from recycled vinyl from the thousands of colored vinyl records put out each year (this is why the color we have is random!) Records are pressed in New York, we are using all recycled papers for our record labels and record envelopes, We are using recycled cardboard slip cases and boxes custom designed and manufactured in Rhode Island, and the special edition liner notes on accordion cards are also all printed on recycled paper in Kansas. The limited edition album also includes a free digital download of the album so you can listen wherever you may roam! Each vinyl record is hand etched with the album title and edition number.

bird party
Into the Wild with Bird Party by Heather Brown and The Captain Surfs
Some of the goodies that come with the limited edition box set of "Into the Wild with Bird Party" from The Captain Surfs and Heather Brown
We are so proud of "Into the Wild with Bird Party" and hope you will love it too!
For a SPECIAL SPECIAL we are now offering the full limited edition album package complete with:
1. Limited edition vinyl record on random colored marble vinyl and exclusive new Heather Brown Art labels
2. Slip case and inner tray box to keep record and goodies
3. 4 limited edition polaroids of the band relaxing during the recording of the album in Hawai'i
4. 1 accordion booklet with liner notes from the album and musician bios and photos
5. 5 special Bird Party and The Captain Surfs Stickers
6. Free digital download of the album to bring your listening pleasure anywhere you go


Pre Sale Pricing ONLY available at

"Into the Wild with Bird Party" by The Captain Surfs and Heather Brown

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