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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mahalo Kyoto!!


Wow! What a great first day of my Fall Japan Tour. Kyoto was great! I had two shows going on during the same day so I went back and forth between them. The first was at a spot I did a show last fall called Cafe Cherry that is owned by the sweetest lady. I also had a show going on at a beautiful temple in the hills, I wish I could remember names of all the places and people better, but I will post pictures to tell the story!
Both shows were so great and packed with such nice people. Big Mahalo to everyone who was able to come out to the Kyoto shows! Today is my show at my gallery, Heather Brown Gallery in Aoyama, Tokyo. Hope to see you there! if you are not in the area, I will post more tomorrow!
for a full schedule of my Fall Japan Tour go to:

Heather Brown Surf Art Outside of Cafe Cherry on Philosophy Lane in Kyoto

Some Heather Brown Original Surf Art on Exhibit at one of Kyoto's Temples

Original and Ltd Edition Heather Brown Art in Kyoto, Japan

Outside of the Temple in Kyoto for The Heather Brown Surf Art Show

Heather Brown in Kyoto Japan

Heather Brown signing surfboards for local Kyoto surfers

Heather Brown outside of the original Tenkaippin Ramen House in Kyoto Japan

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