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Monday, November 3, 2014

Heather Brown Art in Australia

Aloha and Happy Monday!

Well it's November and October sure did fly by (guess thats what happens when you are in multiple countries gone from home for a full month! ) November is always one of my favorite months too and I am looking forward to this great month ahead!!

October was great, we were on tour in Japan and Australia for the month with brief stops in Singapore. We had not been back to Australia for 2 years, so this trip was so nice to go back and reconnect with old friends and make tones of new ones (we love Australia so much!)

The Captain Surfs and I participated in a few events around Byron Bay when we were there for the week and it was so nice to see how welcoming everyone was to us, our art and everyone else participating in the events that surrounded the fun filled week. We got to get a few days of fun surf, lots of sun, fun hikes and even a great stop at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary !

The first event was a special art show called "Surface" that we were invited to take part in at the coolest little hotel/B&B I have ever seen called The Atlantic in Byron Bay. This was such a fun night getting to see lots of old friends and to meet some great new people! Donovan Frankenreiter and all the kids painted a huge mural and everyone had a great time!

heather brown
Hawaii Artist Heather Brown showing work at "Surface" art show in Byron Bay Australia October 2014

byron bay surf festival
Heather Brown Surf Art at the "Surface" art show in Byron Bay Australia October 2014
The following weekend was the 4th Annual Byron Bay Surf Festival. We were lucky enough to be invited down to participate 2 years ago and then again the is year. It has grown and become one of the most fun weekends ever! This is the event that brings together so many talented and great people that live their lives the same way we do. Each year we meet so many fantastic people and get to share our art and theirs (music, boards, woodcraft, film, stories, workshops, etc)

Sight at the 2014 Byron Bay Surf Festival
 The guys created these epic spaces for us to display our art right next to the beach in Yurts and they created pallet wood walls for our individual displays.

hawaii artist in australia
Heather Brown Surf Art at the 2014 Byron Bay Surf Festival in Australia

Byron Bay Surf Festival Art 
Opening Ceremony for the 2014 Byron Bay Surf Festival
Chris (The Captain Surfs) was invited to show art this year and play music too! This was his art wall below.
reclaimed wood art
The Captain Surfs Art at the 2014 Byron Bay Surf Festival
 It's always nice to see old friends when you are 1/2 way around the world!

Heather Brown and Kuni at the Byron Bay Surf Festival
heather brown
Heather Brown, The Captain Surfs and Iki Yasuo at the 2014 Byron Bay Surf Festival
 The last day of the festival is so fun! It is the best surf meet in the world! Fun categories, TONS of boards (finless, single fins, twinnies, logs, modern shortboards, paipo, hand planes, etc, etc!)
Byron Bay Surf Festival
We got to enjoy a great dinner with these amazing artists and friends from around the globe!
Surf Artists Dinner in Byron Bay. Left to right: James Mcmillan, Iki Yasuo, Heather Brown, The Captain Surfs, Matt Allen,  Lauren and Kei Otsuka
 Lucky too we had some free time to surf, hike, roam the beach and go to the wildlife sanctuary!

surf artist
My dreams came true!

Gaining some new birdie inspiration at Clarkes Beach Byron Bay Australia

surf artist
These guys are so soft!

 For November I will be having a show on November 13, 2014 at Mu'umu'u Heaven in Kailua on Oahu!! Hope to see you there!!

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