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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Matted Print Frames are back up in the Website!!

Aloha Everyone!

I am so happy to announce that we have gotten our matted print frames back up on the website and are ready to take your orders and ship worldwide!

We make all of the matted print frames right here on the North Shore of Oahu with our great team up in the hills. Each frame is handmade utilizing as much recycled and reclaimed materials as we can by real people who make their livings on Oahu's Famous Seven Mile Miracle.

For the present selection of frames, we standardized the coloring a bit so you would have a much better idea of exactly what you were ordering. We still offer our "Artist Choice" one of a kind colorings and styles as well. With the 6 new selections that we have just added, this is the perfect compliment to either my art or your family photos or you favorite artists prints.

recycled wood frame
Reclaimed Wood Frames by Heather Brown and Green With Aloha
picture frame recycled
Heather Brown Art Frame in Green/White

reclaimed wood frame
Green With Aloha Matted Print Frame in Washed Out White

recycled wood frame
Green with Aloha Reclaimed Wood Frame in Black/White

reclaimed wood frame
Green With Aloha Frame by Heather Brown in Blue/White

reclaimed wood frame
Yellow/White Matted Print Frame by Green With Aloha and Heather Brown

reclaimed wood frame
Green with Aloha Pink/White Matted Print Frame

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