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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Heather Brown X Hawaii Skateboard Company Release Party at Greenroom Hawaii Gallery in Waikiki


I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer! We have had such a beautiful July here on the North Shore so far, summer is in full swing!

This past Saturday, I took part in The Hawaii Skateboard Company release party at the Greenroom Gallery in Waikiki.
The Hawaii Skateboard Company is a business that my husband Chris (The Captain) has been working on, designing, shaping and finishing beautiful cruiser skateboards as well as pressing and shaping modern 7 ply street,bowl, ramp boards. Chris has been making hand shaped solid oak cruiser skateboards for over 20 years now and has gained a loyal following of riders around the world. In the past year, he had decided to re-brand the company and Saturday was the first release of the new boards in the USA, he had released them in Japan at the Greenroom Festival in Yokohama in May and they all sold out within hours!

I am so luck to be able to work closely with him on so many projects and this one is one of my favorites for my love of skateboarding is so strong. I did a logo design

Heather Brown X Hawaii Skateboard Company Collaboration Logo

As well as putting some of my art (reproduced by laser) on a couple boards.

Heather Brown X Hawaii Skateboard Company Collaboration Skateboards

Here are a couple of photos of some of the boards at the exhibit. Not only do these boards look beautiful, but they are the smoothest ride out there and have been road tested for over 20 years! Chris grips the tops of the boards with sand from the beach at the famous Pipeline using a special mixture of environmentally safe water based urethanes too!

Hawaii Skateboard Company Full Racks of Completes ready for Greenroom Show

Hawaii Skateboard Company "The Original Checkerboard" complete with hand made checker box and checkers

Hawaii Skateboard Company Triple Reclaimed Redwood Stringer Longboard

Hawaii Skateboard Company Captain America's
Heather Brown, The Captain, and the crew of Hawaii Skateboard Company with The GreenRoom Hawaii Gallery Staff after a great show!
Mahalo to Hawaii Skateboard Company and The Greenroom Hawaii Gallery in Waikiki for a great night!

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  1. The star sign skateboards are awesome.inline skates

  2. Hi Heather , my name is Ruben, i am an artist, may we can meet and talk about art.I have some ideas. If yes let me know by email at