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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Back from the East Coast and ready for Summer in Hawai'i!


Jet lagged but loving being back home on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu in the enchanted Islands of Hawai'i!

Chris and I had a great time on the East Coast, visiting accounts, doing some signings and touring around. This was my first trip to New York City and it was unreal, we were able to see so much art, fashion, culture and eat eat eat some of the best food ever!

We made a trip to Pennsylvania where we were so proud that Chris' oldest daughter graduated High School and his youngest won the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence!

From there we ventured down to Ocean City Maryland to visit some account, do a signing at Malibu's Surf Shop and enjoy some beach time 5000 miles away from our beach!

Here are some pictures from the journey. Mahalo as always for all of your continued support!

Always admiring hand painted signs and NYC is full of them!
Chris (the Captain) at the Chelsea Skate Park in NYC

Me and The Captain on the Hudson River, you can;t see it but the Statue of Liberty is behind us in the distance. So cool to see so much history!
Food, Food, Food! Got to eat at Lombardi's Pizza, the first Pizza Parlor in the USA! and it was GREAT!
Some Beautiful Horses around Hershey PA, we got to make our own Chocolate bars at the Hershey Chocolate World!

Always fun meeting fans around the world, Mahalo to Lee and the crew at Malibu's Surf Shop in Ocean City, MD for holding a great signing event!
While we were in OC, the Dew Tour was happening and the anniversary of the oldest still operating skatepark in the USA, The Ocean Bowl.

A little Mini Golf! How can you say no when they are on every corner!

The Captain showing some THICK SKIN in the cold water on International Surfing Day. Photo by Conradical

Two of 4 of the coolest groms ever at Malibu's shaping some hand planes on International Surfing Day
Me and The Captain at Malibu's Surf Shop where he worked as a kid!

Another Beautiful sunset 500 miles from home
Always love to travel but coming home and getting my first sight of Hawai'i from the plane is the best feeling on Earth!