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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Surf Artist Heather Brown May 2013 Japan Tour


Wow, what a whirlwind spring! I just returned from my second spring tour in Japan and had such a great time! I can't believe it is already almost June though.

This past Japan tour was so much fun and started out with one of my most favorite events each year, The Greenroom Festival in Yokohama Japan. The Greenroom Festival is a 2 day festival that takes place each year (this was my 5th year attending as an artist) that is filled with live music on 4+ stages, surf and skateboard film screenings and surf artists from around the world. It is almost overwhelming as there is so much cool stuff and things there to do, see and listen to.

I had a lot of fun preparing my wall for Greenroom this year and did almost all of my originals on reclaimed pallet boards that Chris had made for me and I was so stoked on the look and feel of the pieces, and they seemed to be a big hit too! We also debuted the brand new Hawaii Skateboard Company skateboards at the show, some with art some just ready to ride! Please visit the Hawaii Skateboard Company website here and like them on Facebook here
Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown display at the 2013 Greenroom Festival in Yokohama Japan

 Greenroom Festival is always so busy and a great chance to meet with some really fun people and share art and Aloha
Heather Brown Art at the 2013 Greenroom Festival in Yokohama Japan
 One of the highlights of this years Greenroom Festival was getting to hang out and listen to my favorite musicians Tommy Guerrero and Ray Barbee of the Blacktop Project as well as both having great solo albums. Not pictured here are two other great musicians from Blacktop Project Chuck Treece and Matt Rodriguez.
Heather Brown with The Captain, Tommy Guerrero and Ray Barbee at Greenroom Festival 2013 Yokohama Japan
After Greenroom Festival we had a couple of free days to go and skateboard around and enjoy some great sightseeing and fun around Japan, I even got to visit Hakone and had such a wonderful experience and loved the Onsen (natural hot spring)

Next we headed down to Osaka for the Grand Opening of the new Heather Brown Gallery in Osaka!!
I was so excited not only to open but I was able to hand paint and letter the new sign for the gallery, I have always been a huge fan of hand lettered/hand painted signs, so I was naturally stoked to be able to do it for the Heather Brown Gallery in Osaka!

Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown at the Heather Brown Gallery in Osaka Japan Grand Opening May 2013
Heather Brown Gallery Osaka Japan Grand Opening May 2013
From The grand opening of the Heather Brown Gallery in Osaka, the following day I had a show at the Ron Herman store in Kobe Japan and had such a great time, not only did so many fans come out to support but the store itself is so cool! The staff were all so warm and welcoming and we had a really fun day!

Hawaii Artist Heather Brown at the Ron Herman store in Kobe Japan for her show May 2013
And my final show of my Japan spring tour 2013 was in one of my favorite cities in Kyoto Japan. I had my show at the Takashimaya store in Kyoto and was totally shocked at how many people showed up! IT was so much fun because one of my first tours of Japan we visited Kyoto and did shows in some small cafes and met people with so much Aloha there. I have been back a few times since but this welcoming into Kyoto was by far the biggest I could have ever expected. Mahalo to the great staff at the Takashimaya store for putting on such a great event!

Heather Brown and fans at the Kyoto Takashimaya Show May 2013
Heather Brown Art show Kyoto Takashimaya May 2013
The following day, Chris and I had some free time before catching our flight so we made a few essential stops when in Kyoto. The first was to visit Cafe Uli Uli and get some Ono grinds and meet with our friend and Cafe Uli Uli owner Junko. They make such great food and the atmosphere is so fun. She hosted a welcoming party for us when we came here in 2009 filled with live hawaiian music, hula and great food. This year, we popped in by surprise since she could not make it to the Takashimaya show!

Heather Brown, Junko and The Captain at Cafe Uli Uli in Kyoto Japan May 2013

Heather Brown Autograph at Cafe Uli Uli from 2009

 And the final stop was at my favorite Ramen spot on Earth, the original Tenkaippin in Kyoto, we were still full from Uli Uli, but I could not bear to leave Kyoto without going to the original!

Tenkaippin Ramen in Kyoto Japan
So it was such a great trip with so much fun and showing art to so many people that just love to share Aloha! Be back in the Autumn, but for now it's time to have a nice summer in Hawai'i!

Heather Brown Skateboarding Japan May 2013 with the Hawaii Skateboard Company

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