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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring is Here!


Wow! Spring is in the air!! Chris and I are in Colorado for a few more days then heading back home to the North Shore and getting into gear for my spring Japan Tour and lots of shows through out the summer in Hawaii and some mainland appearances too!

The weather in Colorado is warming up and you can now see that there is some earth under all the snow! With the warmer weather and grass and berries showing up, we have seen a whole lot more wildlife coming through our yard and it is so exciting for us as we don;t see these types of animals around the North Shore.

A couple of days ago we had a family of deer come and feed in our yard and they were so beautiful and peaceful we watched them for hours.

Deer in Telluride, Colorado

Then yesterday when we were eating dinner, the dogs started going crazy looking out the windows into our backyard and we saw this cute little coyote looking for food.

Coyote in our yard in Telluride, CO
This little guy/girl came around looking for some food where the snow was melting away
So it is here! Spring!! Even all of our friends in Japan have been enjoying the early Sakura (cherry blossom) season and gearing up for a great spring/summer ahead.


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