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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hawaii Surf Art Show "Paper and Cotton" with Heather Brown and The Greenroom Galery in Waikiki


Wow! What an action packed year so far 2013 is!! I just had my second show of the year this past Friday at The Greenroom Gallery in Waikiki. The show was entitled "Paper and Cotton" and the entire show was quite a departure from a lot of the other shows that I usually prepare. First off, I did not paint a single original for the show, I composed my show using all Limited Edition Linocuts and Silkscreen prints that I make 100% by hand here on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawai'i.
I also collaborated with High Tide Surf Art with the release of 5 new tee shirts to compliment the new art. The night was a huge success and such a fun time as well! I was greeted when we arrived by a hundred or so fans already waiting in line and a a couple of news crews from Hawaii and Japan.

You can check out the link to the interviews here:

Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown Signing at The Greenroom Gallery in Waikiki, Hawaii

The line snaking through Waikiki to see the Heather Brown Art Show "Paper and Cotton" and meet the Artist Heather Brown

You can still go by The Greenroom gallery and check out the new pieces from the show and they are also now available online at

All Silkscreens and Linocuts below are available framed in 100% reclaimed wood frames made at The Heather Brown Art Studio on The North Shore of Oahu in Hawai'i. Heather has designed and picked frame colors to match the moods and feelings of the pieces. Clicking on any picture below will take you directly to the Heather Brown Official website for purchasing options with shipping available worldwide!

"Barrel Girl" is a piece that I have had in my mind for some time now, I really like simple color ways that work well together and when I first mixed my base color for this piece, I knew I was in love with it.

"Barrel Girl" Surf Art Limited Edition Silkscreen by Hawaii Artist Heather Brown

As much as I love surfing, I love skateboarding! I have always loved it from when I was growing up and not surfing yet to this day whether it is rolling down the bike path on the North Shore or riding the walls of concrete skate bowls. This piece started out as an accident, when I was burning screens for another piece I made and was having trouble timing the sun (we have had a lot of rain lately) and I ruined 2 screens in a row I decided to start carving some linoleum and just waited to see what would come of it, immediately our studio Ohana all wanted one, so I guess it worked! Chris and I already have one hanging on our wall! I named the piece "Striped Socks"
"Striped Socks" Limited Edition Linocut by Heather Brown

"Coastal Breeze" is a piece I started working on one day I was travelling for shows and became a bit homesick for Hawai'i. I started to sketch in my sketchbook a bunch of other ideas, but I kept being brought back to the simplicity and greatness of what can be around every corner in Hawai'i.
"Coastal Breeze" Limited Edition silkscreen print by Heather Brown

I don't think at this point that it is any secret about how much I love to paint birds and last year I did a massive all bird linocut edition that I just loved. Well the newest addition to the Heather Brown Birds is this Limited Edition Linocut called "Surfy Birdie"
"Surfy Birdie" Limited Edition Linocut print by Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown

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