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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hawaii Artist Heather Brown Releases New Limited Edition Giclees

Aloha Everyone!
I hope that everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying the Holiday Season!
It has been a busy one here so far with shows, interviews, painting and getting orders shipped out around the World. Mahalo to everyone for your continued support of my art, it always makes me so happy to hear from you and the stories about my art in your collections bringing smiles to your faces. I continue to make art each day with the hopes that it can bring more happiness into everyones lives.

I have just released some new Limited Edition Giclee and Artist Proof Editions through the past few shows and they are now available in galleries and online on my website as well.

In October I went down to Bali to work with the Rip Curl design teams from around the world to being working on my Heather Brown for Rip Curl Summer 2013 Collection. This piece "Bali Tranquility" was very much inspired by my time in Bali with the beauty of the waves, landscape and amazing temples with so much hand carved art.

Bali Tranquility by Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown

"Gem of the Sea" is a piece that is so near and dear to me as it reminds me of those perfect off season surf days here on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii. Sunny, beautiful conditions and space to move around with your thoughts, friends and family.

Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown's "Gem of the Sea"

"Girls Day" is a piece that is also completely inspired by the fun days spent here in Hawaii. It is always so nice to see all the females out in the lineup these days and to see the female pros just ripping at all the spots lining our 7 mile miracle here on the North Shore

"Girls Day" by Surf Artist Heather Brown
 Jetty Surf was inspired by an East Coast surf trip a couple years ago. In Hawaii we don't surf too  many Jetty's but it seemed as if so many spots that we went and surfed out East were somewhat centered around Jetty's, rock groins and piers. I really liked the way that these features both natural and man made framed in some of these fun little surf spots and the scenes that would be created around a certain Jetty would all be so unique.

"Jetty Surf" by Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown

My husband Chris worked at this great surf shop right on the beach on Ocean City, MD for years growing up and after I got the chance to go see the shop and meet the amzing family and friends that own and run the shop, I was so inspired to create a piece centered around this great spot. Lee and the Malibu's gang have created such a cool spot and culture around a shop that believes in what they sell and sell the best surf good available anywhere. You can check them out in person on 8th st and the beach in Ocean City Md, or online at
This art was also featured on the CD cover for the "Best of Kapena" CD released this year

Hawaii Artist Heather Brown's "Malibu's" Limited Edition Giclee
 Tropical Hawaii is the image that is in my mind pretty much every hour of every day. This is what I see when I think Hawaii.

"Tropical Hawaii" by Haleiwa Surf Artist Heather Brown

"Ulu Tree" was an original commissioned by a non profit organization here in Hawaii that is about sustainability.
The Ulu Tree in Hawaii stand proud and beautiful and full of substinence. It was the food that was brought over to Hawaii by the ancient Polynesians when they sailed to Hawaii. Ulu fruit is also known as breadfruit. The piece is centered around this giant of substinence and shows the Hawaiian Ahupua'a stretching from the Ocean to the Mountain.

"Ulu Tree" by Hawaii Artist Heather Brown

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