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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hawaii Artist Heather Brown Releases New Silkscreen!


Rainy Rainy couple days up here on the North Shore, but perfect weather for getting more work done!
I started a new multi colored silkscreen about 10 days ago, and I am so stoked that they have come out great!
When I was in Art School at The University of Hawai'i at Manoa, I concentrated on printmaking and that was where my style ended up coming out of. In printmaking, especially some of the older techniques, you generally see really bold striking lines. I loved printmaking so much but when I left school and all of the great equipment and supplies that were available, it became harder to practice these mediums on my dive master budget! That is when my style really came to be and I just started to paint how I would make prints, shading, color work and thousands of painting hours later, my style has remained fairly consistent as my love for printmaking is still as strong today as it ever has been.

I am currently working on art for 3 shows this summer on Oahu, Japan shows in September, Australia shows in October, then back to Hawai'i for a few shows through the Triple Crown Of Surfing season, so I am definitely busy painting to say the least! My husband Chris suggested for me to dedicate 1 day each week to creating art in different styles, mediums, etc and it has been so fun! Soon I will show you some of the paintings that have come from these days! Sometimes when I am waiting on certain paint layers to dry, etc, I work on other small projects, well this small project turned into a big project in being a full color silkscreen (all hand pulled in my studio on The North Shore of Oahu).

Well, the results came out great and I am so happy to release this new Limited Edition Silkscreen print titled "Vintage Surf" The edition came out to 40 pieces. The art itself measures about 11"x14" and is matted with a full dimension of 16"x20"
Chris then took the prints and finished off some beautiful frames that our friend and Green With Aloha employee, Alex Cox had made from recycled pallets (pallets are taking over our beautiful Island state, so we have begun to use them and give them a beautiful second life!) These frames are each unique and work with the prints perfectly, some go more with the greens, some with the browns, etc. Each one is detailed to fit perfectly with the motion and colors of the print.

For fun and my little habit of Instagram, I documented some of the steps of creating the new piece, below is a little photo story of the creation of "Vintage Surf"

Hawaii Artist Heather Brown, Surf art SIlkscreen Vintage Surf
Mixing Ink Colors for the first layer of color on Vintage Surf

Hawaii Artist Heather Brown, Surf art SIlkscreen Vintage Surf
First screen with original sketch in background

Hawaii Artist Heather Brown, Surf art SIlkscreen Vintage Surf
After the first two colors of Vintage Surf in the drying rack
Third color for Vintage Surf by Heather Brown going down

Hawaii Artist Heather Brown, Surf art SIlkscreen Vintage Surf
A little highlight of green for Vintage Surf by Heather Brown
Hawaii Artist Heather Brown, Surf art SIlkscreen Vintage Surf
After the final screen with the Brown Lines, Heather Brown matts the final product, "Vintage Surf" Limited Edition Hand Pulled Silkscreen in her studio on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawai'i

And here is the Finished product, available framed or unframed. Each one is hand signed and numbered on the matt and print. Edition of only 40 worldwide is now available!
Clicking on the image below will take you directly to my website for options, pricing and ordering.
Mahalo and Have A Great Weekend!
Hawaii Artist Heather Brown, Surf art SIlkscreen Vintage Surf
"Vintage Surf" Hand Pulled Limited Edition Silkscreen by Hawaii Artist Heather Brown

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