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Monday, May 21, 2012

Heather Brown Spring 2012 Japan Tour


Wow, wow, wow! What a busy last 2 weeks, sorry I did not post any blogs, but I was only working off my IPhone the entire time.

First, I would like to thank everyone who came out to all my shows around Japan in the past 2 weeks! What a fun time and it was so great to meet so many new people and see old friends and fans alike!

Heather Brown packed with Art and Surfboards ready for a 2 week Japan Spring Tour 2012

On this tour we stopped at 3 locations that I have never been to before so it was really interesting to have new foods and see new areas of the country of Japan that I have never been before.

The first stop was in Kobe in West Japan.  I have been wanting to go for so long now and there are so many supporters of my art in the area, so it was really nice to go and see the area and meet tons of new people. Not to mention the great food and especially Kobe Beef!

Hawaii Artist Heather Brown at her Show in Kobe Japan, Spring 2012
 From Kobe we took the bullet train (my first experience and it was so much fun, and SO Fast!) to Nagoya, Japan. We enjoyed an excellent local meal the first night and rushed off first thing the next morning to an TV interview I had on a show called Lucky! Brunch. It was a fun experience, although I was pretty nervous. After I was on, Mickey Mouse was! I got to hug Mickey!!

Heather Brown in the dressing room for Lucky Brunch TV show out of Nagoya Japan

Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown on Lucky Brunch TV Show in Nagoya Japan

Heather Brown and the cast from Lucky TV show in Nagoya Japan
After my TV interview, we rushed to my show which was held at Club Quattro in the famous Parco store in Nagoya. It was an interesting location, as it usually is used for music events, but we needed the size to accomadate the people, and it turned out looking really cool.

Hawaii Artist Heather Brown Japan Tour 2012

Heather Brown SHow at Parco in Nagoya Spring 2012
From Nagoya, we headed up to Tokyo (another bullet train!) for a show at The Heather Brown Gallery with our good friends and Surfboard Collaborators from Two Crows Surfboards. I always love shows at my gallery in Daikanyama, because I get to see so many familiar faces, friends, fans and fellow artists, Plus, I LOVE the gallery space itself, it is so nice!

Before my show, I was interviewed on LOHAS morning radio show on JWave by Hiromi from Surfrider Foundation Japan. LOHAS is a show about caring for the ocean and the environment we live in, it was really an honor to be on such an important and popular show, Donovan Frankenreiter was on before me.

Heather Brown JWave Interview with Hiromi from The Surfrider Foundation Japan

From JWave, we rushed to The Heather Brown Gallery and were greeted by fans and friends that had been waiting in line outside to see the new art and my split exhibit with the guys from Two Crows Surfboards.

Heather Brown Art Exhibit at The Heather Brown Gallery in Tokyo Japan Spring 2012

Two Crows Surfboards Art Exhibit at The Heather Brown Gallery in Tokyo Japan
We went out to a new restaurant with the gallery staff and Two Crows Crew after a great show in Shibuya Station in Tokyo (possibly the most crowded area in the world)
I created an original piece of art for the restaurant a few months ago and it just opened so we were stoked to go check it out and have some great Hawaiian Food. The restaurant is called Kailua Weekend. They even let me sign the piece!

Heather Brown at Kailua Weekend in Shibuya Station in Tokyo with the art she created specially for them
Aloha from Heather Brown in Kailua Weekend, Shibuya Station, Tokyo
Heather Brown Gallery Crew and Two Crows Surfboards Celebrating a great collab show at Kailua Weekend

The next morning we left for a flight to Okinawa, about a 2 hour flight from Tokyo. I had never been to Okinawa and was so excited to go! When we landed, you could immediately feel the humidity and Chris and I loved it, felt like home! We made our first stop at one of the girls from the gallery, Ton's, Uncles restaurant on the beach called Daisy's, Great food and view, a must stop in Okinawa.

Hawaii Artist Heather Brown at Daisy's Cafe in Okinawa Japan
The following day I had a solo show at Coffee Casa in Okinawa. The family that owns Coffee Casa is about the nicest family you will ever meet and they were so welcoming and helpful and their children were so sweet! I was so surprised that so many people came out to the show, I really had no idea that my art had reached down to Okinawa like it has. I think over 200 people ended up coming through, and everyone was so warm and full of Aloha. Our friends that moved down to Okinawa from Kamakura last year, Peace K and Han Chan came ad ended the show with great music and hula, we are so blessed to have such great people in our lives!

Heather Brown Art Show at Coffee Casa in Okinawa Japan

Peace K and Han Chan with accompanying Hula at Heather Brown Art Show in Okinawa Japan

With so many shows in such a short period of time, you get really efficient packing and unpacking art!
The following day I was able to visit the USO at the Air Force base in Okinawa for a few hours to meet with soldiers and their families and sign autographs and take pictures. There are so many families from Hawaii stationed there and I was touched by how so many were collectors of my art and how it "reminded them of home" It was nice to be able to spend some time and show my deep appreciation for their loyal service and sacrifice.

While I met so many great people on and off base, one person that I met, Jeremy Landen, touched me so much that I am tearing up as I type still. Jeremy was medically retired after coming out of a coma that lasted months. His friends taped one of my prints, Barrel View, above his eyes so when he came out it would be the first thing that he saw. When he finally came through, his doctors told him he would never walk again, barely speak, etc, etc (too much negative). He told me that he kept my print with him at all times, he even told his wife that he would meet me someday (even she thought he was crazy) and every time he was having a rough day he would take time to look at my art and that would give him the positive energy he needed to try harder and stay positive. Well, 2 years later (he told me his original print has basically disintergrated from him taking it everywhere and constantly holding on to it) he is walking, we had a great conversation (he even told Chris and I he would take us surfing next visit) and he told me he was honored to meet me. I was totally floored to say the least, I have never been so honored to meet anyone in my life, and though I am a very positive person, Jeremy made me even more positive and happy and I thank him so much for his sacrifice, service and for taking the time to come see me,

Heather Brown and Jeremy Landen at the USO in Okinawa Japan

We had a great time in Okinawa, great great great food and even got to see some great old friends from Kamakura and some from Kyoto that were there to help us and get married! Omedeto to Kojun and Maya and thanks for your help!
We left Friday morning for a flight back to Tokyo and then off to the 2012 Greenroom Festival in Yokohama Japan. I will post later on the Greenroom Festival as this one is getting a bit long.

Big Mahalos (Arrigato!!!) to everyone who came out to my shows in Japan and especially to Jun, Mizuki, Ton, Ayano, Yuki and Yuka from The Heather Brown Gallery who made this all happen and worked so hard each day. I am blessed to have people like you all in my life and I am forever thankful!

Aloha for now!!

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  1. I was so glad to meet you in daikanyama. Nice chatting with you! I love 'South Point' the most 'cuz the girls like me & my friend who always go to hawaii together:)) Hope to see you again sometime, hopefully in hawaii!