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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Message for March 11

Aloha Everyone, 

Wow, I can not believe that a year has already passed since the horrible day last March 11, 2011.
I remember that day so clearly as we watched on tv from the north shore and saw the devastation that was coming down on the country we love so much. Chris and I were in tears thinking about all of our great friends and my art fans and collectors through out the country that were living through this horrible day, and even worse, for those who did not make it through.
While we were in total shock for the next few weeks, we began to see what we could do to help our great Japanese friends and fans. For many weeks we sold original paintings and donated money to help out in any way that we could.
Finally in May last year, we decided to come back to Japan for The Greenroom Festival because we wanted to hug everyone and let them know that things would be alright, we wanted to see smiles again, we wanted things to be better.
It was so nice to see the pure faith of the people of Japan, the positivity and the courage that everyone would show going through each day. It brought us so much more strength and positive reinforcement to keep our heads up knowing that the people of Japan would rebuild their families, their jobs, their towns and cities, their country and most importantly, their way of life.
Since then, we have been back a few more times and each time we are happy to see more progress and we continue to donate to the cause of rebuilding and getting back to the positive country that Japan is.
We are so happy to be coming back to Japan this March to celebrate the Heather Brown Gallery 3 year anniversary but more importantly, to celebrate a great full year of recovery for the wonderful people of Japan. While there is still much work to do, I now feel good knowing that the positivity that the people of Japan radiate will speed this process up and we can all learn so much from you and what you have lived through in the past year.
My wishes are that 2012 and beyond only get better and better for the people of Japan and I promise that I will continue to keep every single person in Japan in my heart as I paint and I hope that my paintings and work can bring a smile to your face and some warmth to your hearts.
All of our best to you and we hope to see your smiling faces on March 25. Mahalo for your continued support of my art, YOU, my wonderful fans and collectors are what keep me going each and every day, and for that I say
“Love and Aloha Always” Aloha Nui Loa, Heather Brown

Aloha 皆さん、
ついに去年5月、日本の皆をHUGして、「大丈夫、うまくいくよ」って言って皆のスマイルを見たかったから、私達はGreenroom Festivalの為に日本に赴く決心をしました
そんなファンの皆さんへ“Love and Aloha Always”, Aloha Nui Loa, ヘザーブラウン

Wave Of Aloha piece from Heather Brown donated to the Japan Recovery Program

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