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Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Short (very short) trip to Washington DC with Heather Brown


Chris and I just arrived in Steamboat Springs, Colorado a couple days ago and celebrated our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary in powder up to our chests thanks to over 50 inches of snow in about 48 hours!
Just before we came to Steamboat, we made a short business trip to Washington DC and were able to take some time wandering the National Gallery of Art. We had a great time and the weather was nice for this time of year. It was great spending a few hours exploring some of the most famous Art ever created and seeing it right in front of your eyes. It was extremely inspiring to say the least. Well, the snow is great, the skies are blue, it's time to strap on my snowboard and get a few afternoon runs in.

Hawaii Artist Heather Brown at Koi Fish Farm just outside of Washington DC

Butterfly Exhibit at The Smithsonian Museum 

Heather Brown with Roy Lichtenstein Sculpture outside of The National Art Museum

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