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Monday, January 30, 2012

3 Pieces from Sold Out Editions now Available from Heather Brown


I hope everyone had a great weekend and is off to start a happy week!

I have just release 3 limited edition giclees to my website from editions that have been sold out for months-years at this point. All 3 will have profits from the proceeds going directly to different charities that I support like The Wyland Foundation, The Kokua Foundation and Surfrider Foundation.

The first one is Surf Girl. Surf Girl could be credited as the pice that really got my career going by instantly connecting with so many people. This was my first edition to ever sell through the edition of 100 and the 10 Artist Proofs, so it remains very special to me to this day and will always be a reminder to me of where my career got it's commercial start. I recently received back a Surf Girl that was hanging in an International exhibition for the past couple of years. I destroyed that actual piece as it was pretty damaged from years travelling and being fondled by viewers around the world. I re-printed the edition number which is # 24/100 as a 30"x40" piece. It is now available on my website with profits from the proceeds going to help out a longtime favorite organization that I support, The Surfrider Foundation!
Surf Girl by North Shore Surf Artist Heather Brown
The second offering is "Lahaina Shore's" Hand Highlighted Artist Proof #10/10. This is a 32"x48" AP Giclee that has been hanging on my home's walls in my Private collection since it was published. We have enjoyed it so much and with new editions coming out we would love to share the happiness with a new owner as well as the profits from the proceeds with The Wyland Foundation to help protect and preserve the World's oceans, waterways and marine life.

Lahaina Shores by Hawaii Artist Heather Brown
And last but certainly not least, I am going to offer up from my private collection my #100/100 "Wahine He'e Nalu" I have had this piece hanging in my studio since the edition was first published and it always gives me so much inspiration and reminds me that sometimes you just need to sit down and look, listen and smell the ocean all around us, the True Fountain of Youth! #100/100 limited edition giclee of Wahine He'e Nalu is a 32"x40" giclee, there is a slight bump from the inner wood of the stretched bar in the upper right corner (on the side of the piece, not the face) this does not effect the art, the image or anything, just nature happening with the wood and I feel that I want to sell it as it has been hanging in my studio as sometimes imperfections are the most perfect part! Profits from the proceeds of this sale will go directly to the Kokua Foundation which is leading the charge in environmental education in Hawaii's schools and communities.

Wahine He'e Nalu by North Shore Oahu Surf Artist Heather Brown

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