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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Heather Brown Donates Artwork to Two Kids Raising Money for College with a Clever Idea


About six months ago I received an email from two kids from Seattle, Washington asking if I would make some art for them for their Shave Ice business. Well, I generally sift through about 200 emails a day with many requests to create logos, tee shirt designs, etc and with this one being from two kids 3000 miles away, I didn't really take it too seriously and responded to them but had to decline. The next morning I awoke to a thank you email from them that was so sweet and sincere that I anded the torch over to my manager Chris and told him to make it work for them. Well months later this is the "little" Shave Ice Business they have come up with to raise money for college as well as help give back to their community.
Koa and Ava Wright possess the qualities that we all strive for as adults and they don't even have drivers licences yet. I am so proud that I could help them and help them help their community.
Here is a picture of their Shave Ice Truck that is available for hire in the Seattle Area and some links to find them. Stop by their Facebook page and Say "ALOHA!" This is what we should all hope for in the youth of our Country.
Mahalo Koa and Ava (and Dad Ford) for making me take a second look at your great idea, best of luck to you both (which I know you will not need with your great attitudes, manners and ethics)! E Malama Pono!

See them on Facebook Here:

Great News article about them here:

Kuloko's Hawaiian Shave Ice Truck with Custom Graphics by North Shore Artist Heather Brown


  1. so cute !!!
    I'm love it !!!
    I have the Picture(88/100) !!!!!

  2. I visited them last weekend and it looked so much better in person! LUVED IT!
    Chris / Seattle