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Monday, February 21, 2011


Aloha All!

As many of you might know or not know, I am currently in the Maldives until March 10 so there will not be much new action on here, unless there are a lot of flat days!
I am getting married tomorrow and the surf has been loads of fun.
Here are some pics to get you started.
Pasta Point, Maldives, The Best wave I have ever surfed!


  1. Congratulations Heather!!!

    I was sooo Disappointed to see you Artist Proofs for Ku'uipo's were sold out... I so wanted to have one. Anyway enjoy your Honeymoon.

    -David O

  2. Congratulations and much aloha to you both!

  3. Hi Heather,
    I'm Rika from Japan. I met you @ yokohama. It was Greenroom fes. 2011. Then I told you my mom and I are your big fan, and also I got married this year in Hawaii. You wrote down my name and your message on the picture I bought, and you said " Congratulation! " to me. I'm so happy. You know what? My wedding was Feb.13 2011. I didn't know that your wedding also Feb. 2011. I wanted to say Congratulation! too FOR YOU. I don't know your reading this message or not, but I just wanted to tell you,
    " Congratulations Heather! "
    Sorry about this long message. Say Hi to your husband.

    Love & happiness
    - Rika I hope see you soon!