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Friday, November 5, 2010

Heather Brown Show at Patagonia in Shibuya, Tokyo

Good Morning from Tokyo!

I had a great show yesterday at the Patagonia shop in Shibuya, Tokyo! Everyone there is so stoked on surf art, surf culture and showed so much Aloha to me and the big crowds of people.
The store itself in unreal! 4 floors of merchandise and the top floor called the "Patagonia Ocean Floor" really had a great feel and made me feel like I was back home on the North Shore. It has been quite a hectic schedule since I have been here, but I am so lucky to have such great people taking me all over the place and showing so much love and aloha. I have attached a few pictures of the set up of the show for you all to see. Big Mahalo's to all that came out for the show, and if you are in the area today, I will be at Mu'umu'u Heaven in Kamakura for another show!
I hope you enjoy the pictures. Aloha! Heather

Heather Brown Art Show at Patagonia in Shibuya, Tokyo

Original Heather Brown art mini's at the Patagonia, Shibuya show

Heather Brown original art and merchandise at Patagonia in Shibuya, Tokyo

I was so honored to sign the same wall that was signed by Gerry Lopez! 

Patagonia Shop in Shibuya, Tokyo. On the fourth floor was the Heather Brown Art show

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