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Sunday, November 14, 2010

8th Annual John Kelly Awards at Waimea Valley

So much fun last night at the John Kelly Awards held in Waimea Valley! Big congratulations to Mark Cunningham for his Lifetime Achievement Award, Duane DeSoto for the Pro Surfer Award and The Weekly for the Hawai'i Business Award! The event was sol out and there was such a great turnout of great people, companies, artists and musicians. Paula Fuga played and it was so great to hear her voice resonating through the valley and for a special treat she invited Jack Johnson on stage for a few songs too!
I forgot my camera, as is usually the case, but we got a few bad quality pictures on my iPhone to share.
It has been such a busy weekend already with Rex Dubiel's literacy event at Waimea Valley on Friday night with the showing of Fiberglass and mega pixels, The John Kelly Awards and today is the two Clark's show at the Wyland Gallery in Haleiwa featuring the surf art of Clark Takashima and Clark Little. The North Shore Season has definitely begun in full swing!

Heather Brown and Paula Fuga at the John Kelly Awards in Waimea Valley

Heather Brown and Skill Johnson at the John Kelly Awards
Paula Fuga and Jack Johnson performing at the 8th annual John Kelly Awards

North Shore Surf Artists Clark Takashima, Hilton Alves and Heather Brown at the John Kelly Awards


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  2. Hi Heather,
    I'm the lucky recipient of your Sunset Swell art piece from the Surf Rider John Kelly award Saturday Nov 13th.. Just wanted to say thanks for making that possible. I had a great night... I walked in and almost immediately stepped right in front of Jack Johnson .. a very strange moment of him noticing me trying to process his celebrity as he extended his hand just as anyone would.. then the music and friendship of the night ending with me walking out with your Sunset Swell Glicee.. Thanks for making beautiful things for people like me to enjoy.

    Big Smiles
    SCOTT Malton

  3. Mahalo for supporting the Surfrider Foundation Scott! Thanks for the kind words too! Enjoy your new art!
    Aloha, Heather